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    Sedona Vista Village welcomes Majestic Theatre & Speakeasy Supper Club

    'New options for dining, entertainment and shopping'

    Sedona Vista Village announces that the Majestic Theatre & Speakeasy Supper Club will open soon, occupying the 6,500-square-foot building that formerly housed the IMAX Theatre in the rear of the property. The Majestic Theatre, which will accommodate 170 guests, will feature comedy on Thursday nights, a Friday Follies burlesque/variety show, live music on Saturday nights, and classic movies on Sundays. It is slated to open in September.

    ADOT to sweep SR179 in VOC by year's end

    Costs currently incurred by Verde Valley Cyclists Coalition, bicycling friends

    In late 2016, the Verde Valley Cyclists Coalition's Pam Milavec initiated a two-part strategy to ensure that the SR 179 bike lanes between the Red Rock Ranger District office and Back O’Beyond would be cleaned on a regular basis.

    Point-Counterpoint: Sedona Fire District Bond Issue

    The Sedona Fire District’s Governing Board approved spending almost $26 million for capital outlays, $18 million from a bond issue, which will be voted on by the taxpayers this coming November, and $8 million from future property tax increases, which will not be voted on by the taxpayers.

    Sedona Fire District committed to efficient, effective service to community

    Sedona Fire District has provided emergency services to our community for over 60 years. We are dedicated professionals who are ready to respond to whatever emergency may arise, and we do so quickly and with the proper personnel, training, tools and equipment.

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    It's up to you to closely monitor how your money is being spent

    This month I am going to talk about “OPM” or “Other People’s Money” which refers to governmental taxing entities. OPM in that context means the governmental taxing entity is over-spending your and my assets unwisely without adequate oversight. We can see examples of this in our own backyard. There are two local governmental entities with the power to levy property taxes: the Sedona Fire District (SFD) and the Red Rock Road Enhancement Maintenance District (RRREMD).

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    Oakcreek Country Club: Coming up on 50 years and never looking better

    Oakcreek Country Club opened for play as a 9-hole golf course in 1968, with the second 9 holes completed in 1971. Since then, it has been a beautiful centerpiece for the Village of Oak Creek and the Village of Oakcreek Association (VOCA) community.

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    If it’s August, it’s back to school time

    Summertime brought a little respite for renewal and fun for students and staff members but we are excited and getting ready for another great school year at Big Park Community School.

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    Why retirees need good credit scores

    Careers & businesses end, but the need to borrow remains

    Retirees should do everything they can to maintain their credit rating. A FICO score of 700 or higher is useful whether an individual works or not. For example, some retirees will decide to refinance their home loans. A recently published study from the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College noted that in 2013, 50 percent of homeowners older than 55 carried some form of housing debt.

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    A stroll through Old Town Cottonwood

    New businesses are popping up in the Old Town section of Cottonwood. We especially were interested in the tasting rooms (wine, that is!) Five wineries presently are open for business: Pillsbury, Fire Mountain, Arizona Stronghold, Burning Tree Cellars and Merkin Vineyards. We recommend both the wine and atmosphere at Burning Tree Cellars, located at 1040 N. Main, just before Pizzeria Bocce.

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    Annual VOC Community Potluck Sept. 17

    “Neighbors” and “community” are oft repeated buzz words heard at planning meetings for the 5th Annual VOC Community Potluck in the Park. The event is designed to bring the community together to connect as next-door neighbors, introduce people to each other, laugh and enjoy life together, celebrate who we are, build community ... and everyone in the Village is invited.

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    Paul Sullivan logs thousands of miles in the air, and on Red Rock County trails

    Flying all over the world is a dream for many of us. Paul Sullivan did it with Delta Airlines for 31 years, and says he really enjoyed it. The best part of the job was being able to fly all over the world when he wasn’t in the captain’s chair, using his airline employee benefit to travel with his family.

    Sedona Literacy Center seeks volunteers

    A new school year is almost here and the Sedona Literacy Center is looking for a few volunteers to work with a 2nd or 3rd grade student who needs extra help in reading and writing.

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    Historian John Westerlund to lead walking tour of historic Camp Navajo

    If you have traveled I-40 west, you have probably passed by Camp Navajo without giving it a second thought; however, you may not be familiar with the fascinating history of the facility, originally named Navajo Ordnance Depot. Just weeks after Pearl Harbor, the War Department announced the construction of a massive ammunition depot 10 miles west of Flagstaff at Bellemont on U.S. Highway 66.

    Voice of Choice: A Story of Citizen Involvement in the Reconstruction of State Highway 179

    Preface: The story of Arizona Highway 179 is a classic example of how a community and a government agency, working together, can cooperatively achieve excellent results. No one element was more important than another. The Voice of Choice Steering Committee performed admirably and faithfully for a long period of time. Sedona-area residents and businesses were vital to the outcome and generous in their support. The Arizona Department of Transportation, ADOT, went beyond the call of duty in many respects. It was an honor to be part of an ‘impossible task’ that ended with such rewarding results. -- Dick Ellis, 2017

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    Keep your pets safe during the summer

    Pets can overheat just as easily if not easier than we can. It is very important to have plenty of water available to your pet during the warm months. There are also several products available to help keep your pet cool. They include cooling mats, chilly vests (ice packs can be inserted in the vest to keep your dog cool), popware reusable water bowls and cooling dog boots. Any of these products would be an excellent way to keep your pet cool during outdoor activity.

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    Man charged with sexual exploitation declines plea offer, set for trial

    CAMP VERDE – The trial date for Gary Leslie Zimmerman Jr., who is charged with over fourteen counts related to sexual abuse of a minor, has been set for Jan. 10.

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    Sedona Fire District gets new engine for VOC station

    SEDONA – Firefighters are Station 3 in the Village of Oak Creek will officially place the new Engine 531 in service with a wet-down and push-in ceremony at 8 a.m. Monday.

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    Forest volunteer Dr. Ronald Krug receives Governor’s Award for Avocational Archaeology

    Village of Oak Creek resident Dr. Ronald Krug is the recipient of the 2017 Governor’s Archaeology Advisory Committee’s Award in Public Archaeology. He received the award in the category of Avocational Archaeologist. Dr. Krug has volunteered for the Coconino National Forest and has been an Arizona Site Steward for over 15 years.

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    Collective Sedona to host July 4 community barbecue

    The Collective Sedona, 7000 Arizona 179 in the Village of Oak Creek, will host a free community barbecue Tuesday, July 4, 4-8 p.m. Locals and tourists are invited to come out and sample delicious barbecue fare while listening to music and enjoying a beer garden with wine and beer for sale. Rocky Rd Ice Cream Co. will be on hand selling vanilla and chocolate ice cream with a sundae bar of toppings. Bring the entire family and enjoy games and entertainment for the kids and a warm, inviting and patriotic atmosphere.

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    Be prepared: lightning-caused wildfires happen every year

    The arrival of summer is the time to seriously get “Firewise.” Jon Davis of the Sedona Fire District wants you to know that with the helpful information at, you can save both lives and property from lightning caused wildfire.

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    Community asked to step up for school supply/backpack drive

    Communities need to stand together and the people of those communities should assist one another when times are tough. We have done so often in our Village. Due to the economic struggles some of our local families are experiencing currently, many of our students are unable to start the new school year with proper school supplies.

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    Customer first, community first: VOCA is here to serve

    The Village of Oakcreek Association is the largest homeowner association in the Village with 2,345 properties, which represent the membership base of the association. VOCA’s mission statement reads, “We will strive to protect and promote Association Member common interests and provide our Membership with reasonable and affordable recreational and social amenities and activities.”

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    Right nutrition is crucial for healthy cat

    Nutrition is one of the most important preventative measures we have to help our pets stay healthy. There are many diseases that we can treat with proper nutrition. With this month’s article I’d like to discuss feline nutrition in particular. Cats are obligate carnivores. This means the physiology and anatomy of the cat are suited to eating a high protein, meat diet.

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    Traffic jam the result of man-made bottlenecks in Sedona

    For the past several months, the No. 1 topic of conversation in the Village is the traffic congestion on SR 179 and 89A, originating at the double-roundabouts at the “Y." Many have commented that they now do not drive on 179 or 89A to Sedona for fear of being caught up in a 45-60 minute traffic jam in the northbound lane of each highway.

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    What's in your basket this week?

    It’s that time of year when we have the luxury of purchasing quality food, grown in an organic and sustainable manner, from farmers we know or get to know face to face. It’s right in our backyard! Just this past week, we picked up our basket at the Verde Valley CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) which has been running since 2007. In our basket were quality braising greens, broccolini, cabbage, carrots, kale, radishes, summer squash and Vidalia onions.