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    ‘About 60’ VOC Big Park students now enrolled at Cornville’s Oak Creek School

    About 60 of those students, King said, attended Sedona’s Big Park Community School a year ago – a school that no longer exists.

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    Villager poll on shopping priorities receives avalanche of response

    Never, in the 15-year history of The Villager newspaper, have so many residents responded, and so passionately, about supporting new shopping, theater and service opportunities here.

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    Community's voice heard loud and clear; landmark tree will remain in Sedona Vista Village

    An outpouring of protest over the possible removal of what has been described as a "landmark" pine tree at the Sedona Vista Village has prompted the project developer to assure the community that the tree will remain on the property.

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    Community comes together for school supply/backpack drive and back-to-school give-a-way

    Big Park Community School may have closed, but the kids in our community are still in need of a great education. Communities need to stand together and the people of those communities should assist one another when times are tough.

    Sedona Village Business Association launches Stay and Play Guide

    Sedona Village Business Association is excited to announce its new Stay & Play guide.

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    Introducing Sedona Village Partnership: Connecting the community

    At a recent brainstorming board meeting, one Sedona Village Partnership member said, given all of the recent major changes in our Village, why don’t we look at the original mission of the Village Vision Alliance (now SVP), and see how we can turn that into an action plan? And so we did.

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    County use permit process ensures community & traffic standards

    The Big Park Council received from Yavapai County an application for a “Master Sign Program Use Permit” on the Sedona Vista Village property at the northeast side of the SR 179 and Jacks Canyon Road intersection.

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    Village housing boom continues

    Evidence of a mini housing boom in the Village of Oak Creek is everywhere. New homes are springing up on empty lots and there’s a home remodeling spike due, in part, to a surge in short-term rentals.

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    Will teachers get retirement they deserve?

    Educators coping with hybrid plans, pension fund shortfalls

    Arizona. Kentucky. Massachusetts. Michigan. Pennsylvania. Rhode Island. Tennessee. In these states and others, teachers are concerned about their financial futures.

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    Grand opening party planned July 28 for Rotten Johnny’s Restaurant

    John and Nikki Ramagli, owners of J Wine Bistro in the Village, announce the grand opening of their new pizzeria at the Collective Sedona, 7000 AZ-179.

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    Tons of summer fun this July at The Collective

    • “Falling to Fly” Book Launch Party & ARC Fundraiser on Saturday July 21st & Sunday, July 22nd, upstairs in Vista Hall, with the official book launch starting Saturday at 7:30 p.m.

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    The archaeology of agave roasting

    Recently, the V-Bar-V Heritage Site hosted its annual Archaeology Discovery Days event. As in prior years, among the various demonstrations were fire starting, atlatl throwing, flint-knapping, and ancient tool and jewelry technology.

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    VOCA community breakfast planned July 14

    Saturday, July 14th the Village of Oakcreek Association’s Activity Committee will host our next community breakfast at the community center in VOCA from 7:30-10 a.m.

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    Village Doves to fly again soon

    The Dove Fund project was a total success.  Enough money came in from this wonderful community to purchase 60 very high quality, pure white young birds.

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    Verde Valley School has presidential occasion

    VVS global citizenship at work in the world

    Verde Valley School Anthropology teacher Leigh Carter recently traveled to Washington D.C. to accompany her husband the filmmaker, author, and professor, Bill Carter to a black-tie gala.

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    Your library really rocks this summer

    There’s still time to participate in the adult summer reading program sponsored by Sedona Public Library (SPL) and win some great prizes.

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    Be Fit Fit! How to age happily ever after

    Did you know that by 2030 there will be more than 71 million people who are age 65 and older?

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    Meet Rodney Boden – happy living at the speed of life

    Looking for an adrenalin rush or a people centric marketing strategy design Rodney Boden is your man.

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    Smoldering cigarette suspected as cause of fire in Sedona’s Chapel area

    SEDONA – Friday evening, Sedona Fire District crews were dispatched to the 200 block of Fawn Drive in the Chapel area. Residents of the home were awoken by a smoke detector and discovered that a fire apparently started outside on the deck and spread to the interior, setting off the smoke detector.

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    Farewell Big Park Community School

    Twenty-three years of educating the children in the Village of Oak Creek and well over 7,000 children who have walked through the breezeway … a total of five principals and many teachers sharing the experience of education at Big Park over those years.

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    Memories of Big Park Community School

    My daughter attended Big Park as an eighth grader when the School opened. After college her first job as a teacher was at Big Park.

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    Council seeks positive working relationships with all VOC neighbors

    Transition is always accompanied by uncertainty, but information widely available gives us a sense of confidence when change occurs.

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    Big Park Council profile: Carolyn Fisher

    I have the pleasure of representing Oak Creek Country Club Estates Unit I, a residential neighborhood and one of the original members of the Big Park Council. OCCCE considers itself a “neighborhood” rather than a Homeowners Association and has never had an active HOA.

    Voice your opinion What stores/theaters/services would you want and support in the new Village malls and shopping areas?

    As new owners of the Sedona Vista Mall and The Collective actively seek new businesses for their retail spaces, now may be our community’s only opportunity to make them aware of what Village Community residents (as well as tourists) need, want and would support.

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    Village People: Vaso Lazic: Taking life as it comes

    Vaso Lazic doesn’t get overly excited about much. He takes life as it comes, the good and the bad. He has strong opinions about things. Life is black and white.