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    Arizona played a key role in sending humans to the moon

    Many of us remember where we were on July 20, 1969, when Neil Armstrong made history by being the first man to walk on the moon. We are familiar with his words, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

    New tenants, charitable events and more at Collective in October

    The Collective’s resident artist, Bearcloud, has opened his newest concept: Santa Fe Trail Women’s Wear.

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    Local church moving to Big Park School Campus

    The House Church will be moving from its current location in Bell Rock Plaza to the multi-purpose room at Big Park Community School.

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    In the swing of things with Oakcreek Country Club Women’s Golf Association

    The Oakcreek Country Club Women’s Golf Association (OCCWGA) stays active during our hot summer months. With so many of our members going to cooler places during the summer, those who stay do enjoy many opportunities for fun and competition.

    Red Rock District Ranger Nicole Branton presentation planned at KSB Speaker Series

    Join Keep Sedona Beautiful (“KSB”) for Nicole Branton’s annual update on “The State of the Red Rocks” as part of KSB’s Preserving the Wonder™ Speaker Series on Wednesday, October 10.

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    Clark’s Market: Remodeling to bring new grocery store to VOC

    You’ve probably noticed that something is changing at your former Weber’s IGA Grocery, now a Clark’s Market.

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    VOC Community Potluck scheduled September 16

    The Village’s sixth annual Community Potluck brings the community together to connect as next-door neighbors, introduce people to each other, laugh, enjoy life together, celebrate who we are and build community.

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    Opinion Commentary -- VOC residents: Beware of developers hawking new roadways

    The VOC has a traffic problem: the seasonal rush of tourists going from I-17 to West Sedona routinely brings traffic along 179 to a snail’s pace.

    Letter to the Editor: Growth and development only add to VOC traffic woes

    I find it ironic that you would follow your lead article entitled "Effort underway to find new route from VOC to West Sedona" with the article "Local opinions STRONG regarding shopping, service priorities."

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    You can help write effective survey on alternative route issue

    The survey about an alternate route from Big Park/Village to West Sedona will soon be published in the Villager. We’re asking you for your input on the questions to ask, but before you send them in, read this first.

    CPR training offered at VOC Fire Station Sept. 22

    CPR – or Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation – is an emergency lifesaving procedure performed when the heart stops beating. According to the American Heart Association (AHA), immediate CPR can double or triple chances of survival after cardiac arrest.

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    It's not a new rule; golf course strolls not allowed after first tee time

    When our golf operations team discussed our Oakcreek Country Club walking policy for non-golfers in one of our board meetings, we received suggestions for spreading this message in newsletters and articles since many simply didn’t know our policy.

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    Why you should have an online Social Security account

    Monitoring your Social Security profile may be a lifesaver

    Could your personal information be stolen? Sensitive financial and medical data pertaining to your life may not be as safe as you think and thieves may turn to a vast resource to try and mine it – the Social Security Administration.

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    Planting the seeds for community garden in VOC

    Homegrown produce. Is there anything better? We can’t get enough of it, especially tomatoes, but growing them in our yard has been a hit and miss venture. This year we happened upon two friends who always have booming crops, no matter what the weather. Their advice has been free.

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    Acclaimed photographer, naturalist Ted Grussing featured at KSB's Speaker Series September 12

    Free to members, residents and visitors, join Keep Sedona Beautiful (KSB) for a lively and picturesque presentation celebrating Sedona’s unique majesty as part of KSB’s Preserving the Wonder™ Speaker Series on Wednesday, Sept. 12, 5:30 p.m. in KSB’s historic Pushmataha Center, 360 Brewer Road.

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    Village People: Cindy Chapman knows positive attitude can change everything

    Born in New Orleans, Cindy Chapman lived in many places. Her mechanical engineer father (who oversaw construction of power plants in Korea and Ireland, and competed in the 1948 Olympics in lacrosse) finally settled in Morristown, NJ, where she grew up with three older brothers in idyllic small-town life.

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    Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund awarded trail construction grant

    The Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund (SRRTF) has received a $25,000 Matching Awards Program (MAP) Grant from the National Forest Foundation (NFF) that will pay for new trail construction for a project called the Western Gateway Watershed and Trail Enhancement Project (Project).

    September happenings for Sedona Village Business Association

    • Learn about “Color Theory” & why it’s important. Join us at our next “Lunch N Learn” when Margo Braman of MargoBDesign discusses “Color in Culture,” which includes the science of color theory and how different cultures perceive color. Is your designer qualified to utilize these techniques in your business?

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    Popular 'AZ Speaks' returns to Village Public Library

    Sedona Public Library is pleased to announce the return of Arizona Humanities speaker program “AZ Speaks,” the longest-running, most popular program of Arizona Humanities. Speakers are selected based on their expertise and ability to offer content that inspires and entertains audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

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    You can cut back on salt, still love your food & be healthier; here’s how

    Most Americans consume too much sodium despite knowing how bad it is for their long-term health. But it’s a hard addiction to break. Most of our consumed sodium comes from salt, which is composed of two minerals: sodium and chloride.

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    What’s next for Big Park Community School property?

    Like many of our friends and neighbors, you are very likely wondering what happens next, after the closing of our neighborhood Big Park Community School. 

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    Effort underway to find new route from VOC to West Sedona

    Keep Sedona Moving seeks solutions to traffic woes on State Route 179

    Speaking before the July 12 Big Park Regional Coordinating Council, Village resident Rick Williams and Yavapai County Supervisor Randy Garrison announced a renewed effort to explore the feasibility of an alternative route from the Village of Oak Creek to West Sedona.

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    Another push for an alternative crossing to ease VOC traffic

    KSM has been looking at projected population growth in Arizona, particularly in the Phoenix area, and KSM believes that will turn into “nightmarish” traffic in the greater Sedona area throughout the year rather than just the high tourist seasons.

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    VOCA seeks your involvement to come together as a more fully engaged community

    This is my first message as the incoming president for VOCA. First, a huge thank-you to the people in the community who have offered support and congratulations. Your endorsement is always greatly appreciated.

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    Meet your Big Park Council Representative: Neil Pope

    Hello, I represent La Barranca II, a residential community off of Jacks Canyon Road. We have fifty seven single family homes and lots in a gated community. Our CC&R’s ensure that each house is built in a pre-construction area within a defined building envelope on the lot. Outside of this area everything is kept in the natural environment. The development has a 360º view of the beautiful surrounding area.