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Denise Domning writes, makes jelly and watches the weeds overtake her garden on her 8 acre farm in Cornville while tending to her 100 turkeys, 3 cows, 20-some chickens, 2 dogs and 8 cats.

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Life in the Slow Lane: "Moms and Babies"

My goodness, is Miss Piggy HUGE! Her belly is so big between her legs that she waddles even worse than she usually does. She's also overdue...sort of. From what my go-to source (Google) tell me, date of insemination isn't exactly the start date for calculation. Instead, I can add two to three days to that start date, then give her another three days or so, because she's a gilt having her first litter.

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Life in the Slow Lane: In my spare time ..."

First, a foot update. Thanks to everyone who made suggestions. I tried them all and, for future reference, wearing hiking boots was the best remedy until I realized that the problem wasn't in my foot but in my hips. I've started a regular regime of hip stretches and the foot is almost pain-free now.

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Life in the Slow Lane: "The Visit"

After much schedule juggling my granddaughter Judah finally made it to the farm for a twenty-four hour visit. She's sixteen, is joining the National Honor Society, and has two part-time jobs. The first job, working in the kitchen at UCYC in Prescott, actually provides her a little income. Her second part-time job as an actress feeds her soul.

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Life in the Slow Lane: "This and That"

What a week! I've done nothing but herd sheep, dogs, a pig, chicks and the occasional cat. And I've done it with a strained ligament in my foot. Ouch. I didn't do anything in particular to get that strain. It's the fault of my shoes. My feet are unusually narrow and it's very difficult for me to find footwear. I suspect I've aggravated it because right now I'm walking the length of a football field--back and forth--about 10 times a day, what with feeding the little guy and doing the above mentioned herding. Let me say that writing this post is a welcome rest from walking.

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Life in the Slow Lane: Storm Break

Well, this time my post is late due to the weather. As I sat down to the computer to write this post on Monday, I glanced out the window to discover that the sky had gone black and the wind was howling. Figuring I had about 30 minutes to get all my critters into their safe zones, I dashed outside. If you live in the Cornville area, you know what happened after that.

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Life in the Slow Lane: "Sheep Deprivation"

Once upon a time, back say about fifteen years ago, I had no trouble working twenty hours a day, grabbing four hours of shut eye, then going at it again come 7 AM. If that sounds stupid to you, I'll admit that even farther back, say in 1994, I wrote Summer's Storm on the same schedule while eating pretty much only peanut M&Ms. Needless to say, the crash came in the middle of the following book, Spring's Fury. Some time later, I ended up off all food, consuming nothing but Ultra Clear for two months, then went on the food rotation diet for almost three years. There's always a price to pay.

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Life in the Slow Lane: Peanut

So, I lost a fortune on YouTube today because I cannot keep my phone/camera on my person. I blame this phone-avoidance on the fact that my first "real" job was in 1973 as an AT&T LongLines telephone operator.

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Life in the Slow Lane: Lambs

I finally got those stinking lambs...Thursday the 23rd. Not between 2:00 AM and 4:00 AM as predicted (so all those nightly walks were in vain). Instead, Tiny gave birth to twins, a boy and girl at 11:30 AM

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Life in the Slow Lane: "Chicken "Coop"

Once again I choose a title that doesn't reflect the total lack of lambs in my life. OMG! She's driving me crazy! Now that I've vented, I'll tell the story the way I think it should be told.

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