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Local historian Glenda Farley guides us on a journey back in time to discover fascinating moments that make up our Verde Valley history.

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Lawmaker believes political beliefs deserves hate crime protection

A state lawmaker wants to expand laws that allow enhanced penalties for those who attack someone based on things like race and religion to also include political beliefs.

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Verde heritage 1937: COTTONWOOD LUMBER COMPANY; Attempted Murder on Main Street, Part 2

The trial of Olin Langford for the assault of W. Frank and Elta (Langford) Edens began in Prescott on January 5, 1938.

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Verde Heritage 1938: MARCUS JAY and JANE (STOUT) LAWRENCE Divorce Hearing

When Mrs. Lawrence filed for a divorce, the specific charge was habitual intemperance. She forgot to mention that they were living together, etc.

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The date of the dedication will be determined when the bridge across Wilson Canyon has been completed.

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Verde Heritage 1920 ELECTIONS: "This Situation Is Nothing New"

"It will be some time before the leaders can settle among themselves the bitter feelings engendered by the disaster of November. ... After a political defeat the defeated fall out among themselves, instead of trying to find the real reason for the disaster, with a view to avoiding the defeat factors in the future."

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Verde Heritage: 1897: JEROME FIRE on Christmas Eve

The explosion of a lamp caused a disastrous fire in the district called "hell's half acre."

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"The year was 1921, and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Gray had just been married a year. Mrs. Gray was the daughter of the pioneer Verde Valley family of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Jordan who lived in the big two-story red house beside the present Evalyn Jordan home at Bridgeport."

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"Indications are that there will be general activity in the Cherry Creek District this coming year. Several new companies are being organized among the best mining men of the State. Capital is being interested in California, Ohio, Chicago and other places east."

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Verde Heritage 1897: JEROME; United Verde Copper Company Mine and Smelter

"In the Black Hills overlooking the Verde Valley lie hidden oceans of ore containing copper, gold and silver, fully 10% in the former and from one to two hundred dollars per ton in the white and yellow metals. No extensive development was made until the United Verde Copper Company took possession 10 years ago, lacking only 4 months. Eugene Jerome was secretary of the company operating in 1881, and Governor Tritle of Prescott was largely interested about 12 years ago."

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Verde Heritage 1877: Letter from J. H. Lee; Verde River Frozen

"I left home on the 13th of last month, accompanied by my nephew, Jas. Michael, to look out a situation for my sheep, for the winter, which I had started 14 days previously. We went by way of Chino Valley, and took, what is called the new road, crossing Hell Canyon."

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