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Howard Fischer is a veteran journalist who has reported on state government and legal affairs in
Arizona since 1982, the last 25 for Capitol Media Services which he founded in 1991. Fischer's news reports appear in daily and weekly newspapers around the state, and are heard on Arizona Public Radio.

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Governor: Education key to parental choice on value of vaccinations

PHOENIX -- Gov. Doug Ducey won't support eliminating the ability of parents to claim a personal exemption for their children from vaccines despite a new published study showing the state's largest county at risk for a measles epidemic.

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Planned state initiative would ban high-interest title loans

Saying the rates they charge amount to usury, backers of a new initiative seek to outlaw title loans -- or at least the interest they are allowed to charge.

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Effort to limit new laws on tobacco, vaping products gets nod in Arizona House

Siding with retailers, the state House voted Wednesday to at least partly preempts cities and towns from enacting their own rules on the sale and marketing of tobacco and vaping products.

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Speed skater who was sex assault victim supports bill to give more time to report abuse

A former national speed skating champion lent her voice Tuesday to those who want to give victims of child sexual assault and abuse more time to sue their assailants -- and specifically those who permitted it to happen.

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As session goes into overtime, lawmakers actually get less $$$

Well, it's official: The Arizona Legislature is now in overtime.

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Student group redirects efforts on school safety

PHOENIX -- A student-led group that tried to get lawmakers to enact gun control last year is refocusing on something more attainable.

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Billionaire spending money to ‘educate’ public on APS influence

PHOENIX -- Having burned through $28 million in a pair of losing political battles in Arizona last year, California billionaire Tom Steyer is now prepared to pump some more cash into the state.

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Republican senators threaten vote against budget

PHOENIX -- Plans for a Republican-crafted budget blew up Thursday when a second GOP lawmaker said she won’t vote for a spending plan unless and until the state gives victims of childhood sexual abuse more time to sue their attackers.

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State House votes to restrict how prosecutors charge ‘serial’ offenders

Rejecting objections from prosecutors, the state House voted 42-16 to limit their ability to charge criminal defendants as serial offenders.

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Republican 'power grab' measure would make initiatives more difficult

Republican lawmakers voted Wednesday to put some new hurdles in the path of groups that seek to propose their own laws and constitutional amendments.

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