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Howard Fischer is a veteran journalist who has reported on state government and legal affairs in
Arizona since 1982, the last 25 for Capitol Media Services which he founded in 1991. Fischer's news reports appear in daily and weekly newspapers around the state, and are heard on Arizona Public Radio.

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State passes buck to counties on gas-tax vote

Without debate the Senate on Wednesday agreed to allow counties to put a measure on the ballot for a gas tax hike of up to 10 cents a gallon for up to 20 years. The funds raised would have to be used for highways and streets.

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Lawmakers expand police powers to quell riots

PHOENIX -- Claiming people are being paid to riot, Republican state senators voted Wednesday to give police new power to arrest anyone who is involved in a peaceful demonstration that may turn bad -- even before anything actually happened.

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State seeks more stringent rules for initiative process

PHOENIX -- Republican lawmakers are teeing up yet another measure designed to throw hurdles in the path of Arizonans who want to craft their own laws.

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Lawmakers seek enhanced auto liability insurance coverage

PHOENIX -- Arizona motorists are one step closer to having to buy more auto insurance than many of them already purchase.

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Report: School choice vouchers will cost millions

Proposed state bill could cost taxpayers $24.5 million by 2020

Making vouchers universally available to pay for all children to attend private and parochial schools will actually increase costs to the state according to legislative budget analysis and not result in a savings as its prime sponsor is claiming.

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Vote to legalize marijuana could be back in 2018

Voters may get another chance next year to legalize marijuana use by adults.

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Supreme Court to consider legality of increased minimum wage

The Arizona Supreme Court has agreed to consider whether a voter-approved hike in the state minimum wage is legal.

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Legislators ask appeals court to void mechanism that helps Arizonans receive free, low-cost health care

PHOENIX – Current and former legislators asked the state Court of Appeals Tuesday to void the financing mechanism that enables more than 400,000 Arizonans to get free or low-cost health care.

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Arizona Board of Regents to remain intact – for now

PHOENIX – The Arizona Board of Regents will remain intact -- and with all its powers -- at least for the time being.

Senate panel approves alternate methods to raise money for road repair

PHOENIX – Unable to find the legislative votes for a statewide gas tax hike, a Senate panel on Tuesday approved a package of alternate methods to raise money for needed road construction and repair.

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