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Howard Fischer, Capitol Media Services

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Ducey consents to issue driver’s licenses for ‘Dreamers’

PHOENIX -- After fighting the issue in court for years, Gov. Doug Ducey has finally agreed to issue driver’s licenses to all deferred action recipients.

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Lawmaker advocates ‘porn tax’ to help build borderwall

What if you knew that money could help build a wall with Mexico?

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AZ Medicaid recipients may have to work for benefits

About 126,000 Arizonans who get free health care will soon be required to work if they can.

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Lawmakers push back on Ducey plan to curb legislative immunity

A proposal by Gov. Doug Ducey to abolish so-called legislative immunity is getting some negative reaction from some lawmakers who enjoy its protections -- and would have to vote to put it on the ballot for voters to repeal.

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Gila River tribe threatens to leave drought plan

The Gila River Indian Community is threatening to blow up the drought contingency plan because of efforts it says will undermine its claim to water rights.

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Gov. Ducey spending plan comes in at $11.4 Billion

PHOENIX -- Flush with cash, Gov. Doug Ducey is proposing an $11.4 billion spending plan for the coming year.

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Proposed change in law would ensure edible medical marijuana remains legal

PHOENIX -- A Peoria Republican lawmaker is moving to alter state law to ensure that edible forms of medical marijuana remain legally available to patients.

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Water conservation plan pits cities vs. Pinal farmers

PHOENIX -- An organization that represents major Arizona cities is effectively warning Pinal County farmers not to demand more in the proposed drought contingency plan.

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Arizonans consumed nearly 60 tons of medical marijuana in 2018

PHOENIX -- The number of pounds of medical marijuana being purchased and consumed in Arizona is increasing at a rate twice as fast as the number of people legally entitled to use it.

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Governor pushes school safety, drought contingency in State of State

PHOENIX -- Undeterred by last year's defeat, Gov. Doug Ducey said Monday he will make another run at getting lawmakers to approve his school safety plan -- including a controversial provision to allow judges to take weapons away from people considered dangerous.

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Legislation seeks to outlaw sale of vaping products to teens

PHOENIX -- Calling the current law fatally flawed and ineffective, a veteran lawmaker wants the state to impose far more restrictions on access to vaping products by teens.

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Governor Doug Ducey demands Colorado River drought plan for Arizona before feds get involved

PHOENIX -- Gov. Doug Ducey used his second inaugural speech Monday to exhort lawmakers and others with a claim to Colorado River water to approve a drought contingency plan before a solution is imposed by the Bureau of Reclamation.

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AG hopes to ‘Stop skyrocketing tuition’ at state’s universities in 2019

PHOENIX -- Attorney General Mark Brnovich used his inaugural speech Monday to point up a key disagreement he has with Gov. Doug Ducey.

You can get front-row seat to Monday’s Arizona inauguration ceremony for $10,000 minimum

PHOENIX -- Want to watch Monday’s inauguration of the state’s top officials in person but don’t want to be stuck in the cheap seats -- or left standing?

Activist wants to freeze property taxes for seniors

PHOENIX --The way self-proclaimed tax activist, Lynne Weaver sees it, anyone who make it to age 65 should not have to pay property taxes on their homes.

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New state law adds layer of consumer protection from ‘surprise’ hospital bills

Arizonans are finally going to get some protection from “surprise’’ hospital bills.

Lawmaker wants online signatures allowed for initiatives, referendums

PHOENIX -- A proposal by a Southern Arizona lawmaker could make it easier for groups to propose their own state laws and constitutional amendments.

Phoenix man seeks public vote to legalize all drugs in Arizona

A Phoenix resident is seeking a public vote on a proposal to make Arizona the first state in the nation to effectively repeal all drug laws.

Citizen initiative seeks exclusive ward elections for Tucson City Council seats

Unable to get courts to void Tucson’s current council election system, some political interests now are taking their case directly to voters.

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Name game 2018

One thing is clear from the latest list of the most popular baby names in Arizona this year.

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Attorney general asks Supreme Court to block Phoenix anti-discrimination ordinance

PHOENIX -- Arizona’s chief prosecutor is urging the state’s high court to block Phoenix from enforcing its anti-discrimination ordinance against two women who refuse to craft wedding materials for same-sex nuptials.

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Two commissioners say APS making too much money

PHOENIX -- Two utility regulators are questioning whether some customers of Arizona Public Services are paying too much -- and the company is earning more than it is legally entitled.

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Ducey seeks modifications to Arizona’s tax code

Governor says plan will boost state revenue by at least $180 million

PHOENIX -- Gov. Doug Ducey wants to boost the taxes paid by Arizonans by $180 million -- or more -- when they file their tax returns this spring.

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State lawmaker arrested for extreme drunk driving

PHOENIX -- A state lawmaker just elected to his second term was arrested on charges of extreme drunk driving after trying to escape it by identifying himself as a legislator.

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Did you get a raw deal trying to fight a traffic ticket?

Proposed law would let you wipe slate clean with defensive driving class

Arizona motorists accused of speeding and other offenses could soon have a new way to escape their tickets -- and, more to the point, the higher insurance rates that follow.

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Arizona population growth has stifling impact on state wages

PHOENIX -- Arizona added new residents in the past year at a faster pace than all but four other states.

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New commodity: Water-starved Arizona looks to hemp as new major agricultural offering

A new federal law legalizing the growing of hemp comes not a moment too soon as Arizona farmers are likely to be looking for crops that don’t need as much water.

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Suburb growth causes Arizona population to swell

PHOENIX -- If you’re wondering where Arizona is putting all of its new residents, look to the far suburbs.

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Minimum wage takes another 50-cent jump in Arizona in January

PHOENIX -- What would you do with an extra $1,000 a year?

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McSally gets nod from Ducey to succeed Kyl in U.S.Senate

PHOENIX -- A month after losing her own bid for the U.S. Senate, Gov. Doug Ducey is appointing Martha McSally to a vacant seat in the upper chamber of Congress.

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Jon Kyl to resign U.S.Senate seat Dec. 31

PHOENIX -- Saying his commitment was only until the end of the year, Jon Kyl is stepping down from the Senate seat to which he was named less than four months ago.

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Ducey threatens veto if lawmakers alter drought plan

Gov. Doug Ducey threatened to veto any drought contingency plan that does not equitably divide up the pain of Arizona having less water in 2020 and eventually leads to lower water use in the state.

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Arizona taxpayers get $2 million bill for effort to block ‘Dreamers’ from driving

The unsuccessful bid by Gov. Jan Brewer and the state to keep “dreamers’’ from getting licenses to drive is going to cost Arizona nearly $2 million.

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Lawmaker seeks repeal of ‘sneaky’ state vehicle fee

Calling its enactment “sneaky,’’ a veteran lawmaker wants to repeal a new $32-a-vehicle fee on every car, truck, motorcycle and trailer that is being used to balance the state budget.

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Gov. Ducey says Trump tweet on border surge raises questions

PHOENIX -- Gov. Doug Ducey said Friday he has no knowledge of Arizona “bracing for a massive surge’’ of migrants through a “non-walled’’ part of the border despite a warning by President Trump.

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Local school districts cash in on Volkswagen lawsuit settlement

PHOENIX -- Beaver Creek, Cottonwood-Oak Creek and Mingus Union High School are among the more than four dozen Arizona school districts getting new school buses at no cost to taxpayers.

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Rep. Stringer of Prescott loses chairmanship for ‘vile’ comments

Lawmaker under fire under over remarks on race, immigration

The latest comments by a Prescott Republican lawmaker about race, immigration and assimilation have cost him the chairmanship of a committee he has sought for years.

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Census Bureau report shows Californians flocking to Arizona

Wondering where all your new neighbors are coming from?

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Governor’s chief of staff steps down

PHOENIX -- There’s an argument to be made that Doug Ducey would not be governor today if it were not for Kirk Adams who on Monday announced he was quitting as Ducey’s chief of staff.

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Arizona Supreme Court: initiatives are crucial part of public process

PHOENIX -- The Arizona Supreme Court has upheld the constitutionality of a legal tactic used by those seeking to keep voter-proposed laws off the ballot.

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‘Trouble in Toyland’ -- Privacy issues among concerns with toys that use artificial intelligence

PHOENIX -- It was bad enough when parents had to worry about choking hazards, poisonous chemicals and excessive noise when buying presents.

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State Supreme Court to hear case of Arizona women who don’t want to sell wedding invitations to gay couples

PHOENIX -- The state’s high court has agreed to decide whether cities can force businesses to do work for those whose views, practices or lifestyles conflict with the owners’ religious beliefs.

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Arizona jobless rate at 4.7 percent in October

The state’s jobless rate ticked up a tenth of a point last month.

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Incoming secretary of state to support laws that increase campaign finance transparency

PHOENIX -- Incoming Secretary of State Katie Hobbs said Monday she believes political parties should be required to report when they spend money to elect specific candidates even as she defended the failure of the Arizona Democratic Party to disclose what it spent to get her elected.

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Ducey names former political rival to Arizona Board of Regents

PHOENIX -- Gov. Doug Ducey appointed Fred DuVal Monday to the Arizona Board of Regents four years after getting himself elected by blasting his Democrat foe for sharp increases he approved in university tuition.

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Arizona hopes to convince teens to ‘Escape the Vape’

While purchase of tobacco and similar products is legal statewide at 18, two Arizona communities, Douglas and Cottonwood, have raised the age to buy and use these to 21.

Alarmed by the sharp increase of youth "vaping,'' state health officials are preparing a campaign they hope will scare teens from starting or, if it's too late for that, get them to quit.

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A word on the bird: Lower prices on turkey for consumers

PHOENIX -- A healthy supply of turkeys is going to make the cost of feeding the family Thanksgiving dinner a bit less expensive this year.

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Hoffman 54,000 votes ahead of Riggs for AZ schools chief

PHOENIX -- Democrats will take at least one statewide office for the next four years.

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Latest returns put Sinema ahead of McSally -- barely

The latest returns from the state's two largest counties has given Kyrsten Sinema the lead in her bid for U.S. Senate -- barely.

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Prescott’s Karen Fann selected Senate president

PHOENIX -- Newly elected House Speaker Rusty Bowers inherits a chamber where he can’t afford to alienate a single Republican.