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Romanska writes about fitness-related topics from some healthy ideas for a breakfast, why is it good to take that daily walk, weight train, pick up those kettle bells, inspiring exercises.

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The Fit Life: Get Fat!

What?!?!?! Yes, we, actually, should be getting 20-30% of our daily calories from fat! And these calories will not make you… fat! Actually, if you eat excess calories form any source, being it carbs, fat, even proteins – you will, undoubtfully, gain weight. Yep. Tough luck.

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Be Fit Fit! Grains: They Are Not That Complicated

So, here we go again: Standing at the Whole Grocers in front of that intimidating wall, featuring several rows of like-looking large cntainers, each container containing that “something” inside.

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Be Fit Fit! Munching Away The Healthy Way

Eating raw carrots. It pays off. Really…

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Be Fit Fit! Volunteering Magic Hands

Multiple times a year, I participate in long-distance endurance races.

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Be Fit Fit! Are You Truly Motivated?

A question to yourself: When you think of your fitness or non-fitness goals: do you smile? When you think of the yummy and healthy food you plan to eat: do you smile? Do you at least smile to yourself, you know, deep inside?

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Be Fit Fit: Raising From Ashes

I hit it. The bottom. It was the Halloween night and I suffered from a freak deep cut accident to my right foot. Bleeding profusely and leaving the trace of my journey the whole way to the ER, I rendered myself to the good souls at the Sedona Emergency Room with the appeal to, pretty please, somehow stop the blood let. They assured me that it is the Halloween night, therefore, they are all fake doctors in there and have no idea…

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Be Fit Fit! Let’s get it right from the beginning of the day!

The breakfast is called the most important meal of the day for a reason. What you eat and how much you eat in the early hours sets the tone for the rest of the day. And yes, you should, indeed, eat a breakfast like a king.

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Be Fit Fit! Resolution Time!

I know, I know… it is only mid-October, and her I come, with the big Resolution thingy, normally due to bother us only around the New Year’s…

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It's resolution Time!

I know, I know … it is only mid-October, and her I come, with the big Resolution thingy, normally due to bother us only around the New Year’s ... I’d ask you to reconsider and go for a resolution… right now! Resolutions, small and big, can be made any time of the year and any time of the day. In fact, the first time I remotely though of running an ultra-marathon, therefore deciding to train for it, was a middle of the night in December! About 3:11 a.m., to be precise.

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Be Fit Fit: Want to Hike Far?

So, you mastered the art of the few-hour-long hike, half-day and day-long hikes.

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