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Obituary Guidelines

Information for death notices will only be accepted from an established funeral home, or must be confirmed by an established funeral home. Obituaries placed by private parties and funeral homes outside of the Verde Valley must be paid in advance. Local funeral homes can be billed if they are approved by our billing department.

The Verde Independent and Camp Verde Bugle offer two types of death notices: free notices with basic information and more complete paid obituaries.

  1. Obituary Notices Obituary Notices are published free of charge under the heading "Obituary Notices." Notices will be printed in lieu of a paid obituary announcement if requested. These brief notices provide basic streamlined information to include name of deceased, address (city only), age and date of birth, birthplace, date and place of death and service/burial information only. No pictures are included in this free service. Obituary notices are combined and presented within a bordered area on the same page as the larger paid obituary notices.

  2. Paid Obituaries Paid Obituaries contain more details and fall into two categories: Obituary Announcements and Display Advertisements.

Obituary Announcements
Obituary Announcements appear in the newspaper in a more traditional column format. These announcements can provide much more information than the free Obituary Notice, including a photo (.81" wide by 1.25" tall).
Details can include, but are not limited to, name of deceased, address, age and date of birth, birthplace, date and place of death, years resided in Verde Valley, profession or occupation, civic/professional/church affiliations and offices held, noteworthy achievements/contributions to community, survivors' names and immediate family (spouse, children, parents, brothers, sisters), numbers of grandchildren and great-grandchildren, service/burial information, and arrangements by. Our editorial staff will generally not edit the material received from the funeral homes but may edit for spelling and appropriateness. Proofs are not provided.
Obituary Announcements will not publish until billing and funeral information has been received and verified. Rates are based on the word count. Our per-word charge is .25 and $7.00 for the photograph. A statement of who provided the information must be included at the end of all Obituary Announcements. Example: Information provided by survivors.

Display Advertisement
For a paid obituary in a non-column format we can provide services from our display advertising department. These larger display advertisements can include a border, artwork, highly detailed text and multiple photographs in different sizes (there is no additional charge to include a photograph). Display ads are charged at a rate of $8.30 per column inch. We can provide a proof copy on obituaries ordered through our advertising department For more information contact at (928) 634-2241 extension 6026, or email

To submit your request electronically, send it to:, attention JJ. Display ads will be accepted Monday through Friday. Please include your name and phone number when submitting obituaries.