Carol Anne Teague


  • Gender: F
  • Hometown: Jerome
  • Location: Jerome
  • Occupation: Real estate broker


I’m 58 years old. I am third generation Arizonan, born and raised in Prescott. I moved to Cottonwood with my son Jason when I was 17. I’ve been a Verde Valley resident ever since, except for a brief bad time in Arkansas.
I love Mingus Union High School. Both of my sons attended MUHS. My oldest grandson is now a 2019 Mingus senior and my oldest granddaughter just entered Mingus as a freshman. We have 5 more grandchildren who will probably attend MUHS in the future. My son Jason is Mister Teague, who has been a teacher at Mingus for the past 9 years.
I believe that our kids’ and our community’s future is dependent on our schools. Mingus is recognized as the premiere High School in the Verde Valley, and I want that to continue. Mingus’ award-winning non-core programs (Tech, sports, art, theater, choir……) are the reason that a lot of kids continue to show up. As a School Board member, I will work to protect all of the opportunities that our students have to excel.
That’s why I’m running for the Mingus Union High School Board.
Who am I?
I’ve made my living as a real estate broker in the Verde Valley for over 30 years. I know our people and what we stand for. I’ve lived here most of my life, I work here, I volunteer here. I understand our priorities.
I’ve worked extensively with my local, state and national Realtor® Associations. I was the 2010 President of the Sedona-Verde Valley Association of Realtors®, which means that I was active on that Board for 7 years. I’m a certified Ethics teacher and sit on our State Professional Standards Committee. I mediate disputes for my State Association, and am a Certified Negotiation Expert. I am a National Diversity instructor. I’ve been exhaustively trained in Robert’s Rules of Order and open meeting laws.
I am involved up to my eyebrows in our community. I volunteered for 7 years for Trauma Intervention Programs (TIP). (TIP volunteers are called by First Responders to go to the scene of an accident or crime to be with the victims and/or survivors.) I served on the Cottonwood Historic Commission and the Cottonwood Dog Park Committee. I get to act in Jerome’s Ghost Walk.
I think that all of these skills will serve us well on the Mingus Union High School Board.
What about the elephant in the room, consolidation? I have an open mind. I want facts and figures from an unbiased 3rd party and I haven’t seen any. Until I do see an unbiased scenario I don’t think that we have enough information to make a choice. I’m not inclined to be bullied into a quick decision by people with an unknown agenda when that agenda may or may not involve the best interests of our high school’s students.
I promise to show up and do my best. I’ll appreciate your vote.