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Mr. Paladini needs to get his facts straight


I would like to thank Jon Paladini for helping prove my point that he is definitely not an environmental law attorney ("Time has come to change county supervisor," The Verde Independent, July 28).

His intemperate attack on the Sierra Club, the oldest and largest grassroots environmental protection organization in America, displayed an alarming ignorance about the club's mission and an arrogant disregard for the fine work of its many volunteer members.

As a 29-year Sierra Club veteran, I probably know a bit more about the club's goals and objectives than Mr. Paladini. His blathering about our "elitist group" wanting "to close the gates on all newcomers to the area" is not even worthy of a response.

What is worthy of a response, however, is his assertion that "The Sierra Club, along with the Sedona 4Rs, are also Chip Davis' biggest supporters."

This is not true.

In a recent Paladini fundraising letter, sent out by Citizens for an Alternate Route, another claim was made. CFAR President Ivan Finley stated the Chip Davis campaign "is funded by big bucks and the Sierra Club."

This also is not true.

The Sierra Club has not endorsed or contributed any money to Supervisor Davis in the past; nor does it have plans to do so during the current election year. Period.

Another point worthy of response is Mr. Paladini's "accusation" that my wife and I contributed money to the Davis' re-election campaign. Mr. Paladini appears to find this rather suspicious or somehow offensive.

By that same logic, Mr. Paladini will be really disturbed to learn that the Dibles were also contributors to Senator John McCain's recent presidential campaign. I better not mention all the other Republican candidates we've given money to over the years.

I was brought up to believe it is an admirable American tradition to donate money to someone who is running for public office that you trust and believe in. Apparently, Mr. Paladini disagrees.

My wife and I also periodically contribute to a number of organizations we think are worthy of our support: everything from the Nature Conservancy to the National Rifle Association. Although I'm a life member of the NRA, I still keep sending it money to help defend our Second Amendment rights. I suppose Mr. Paladini will object to this, as well.

I first began working to elect Republican candidates while I was still in high school. Over the years, I've involved myself in a number of Republican campaigns — everything from local elections to national contests.

When I decided to enthusiastically support Supervisor Davis' re-election instead of challenger Jon Paladini's candidacy, it was done against a background of some 40 years' political involvement and experience. My decision was based on Chip Davis' proven record of accomplishments and his outstanding job performance. It had absolutely nothing to do with my membership in any of the organizations I support.

I know Verde Independent readers will understand the difference.

I hope Jon Paladini can.

Craig Dible


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