Thu, June 27

Clarkdale Town Council concerned <br>about water shortage

The Clarkdale Town Council is expected to take a more active role in addressing the town’s water shortage by writing a letter to the Arizona Corporation Commission.

Council members voted Tuesday to draft a letter outlining the town’s stance of how they want this summer’s water shortage issue addressed by the corporation commission and Cottonwood Water Works.

It will focus on five major concerns:

• Putting an end to the well drilling at Haskell Springs, which the council agreed is tapped out.

• Creating a plan to draw water from new sources.

• Outlining curtailment measures to help conserve water.

• Devising a way to acquire an additional short-term water supply.

According to Clarkdale Town Manager Gayle Mabery, July’s water shortage is more severe than the previous month's. Water levels at the Cottonwood Water Works storage tanks dipped under 33 percent of maximum capacity last week but returned to almost 50 percent this week because residents cut back on landscape watering, she said.

Council Member Reynold Radoccia said he was unhappy with the way the town and Garrison have handled the water shortage dilemma.

“I feel really grumpy about this and really agitated,” Radoccia said.

He also took issue with Garrison’s role in providing the town with an emergency water source so the town is prepared in case of a fire. He said that fire protection for the town is minimal and compromised.

“We demand that he go find another water source,” Radoccia said. “He’s put the town of Clarkdale in jeopardy.”

It was mentioned that water from the town’s public pool could be used in case of a fire.

Council members also kicked around the idea of using water from the Clarkdale Cemetery well as a temporary water source but were unsure of the water’s quality or quantity.

In order to conserve water, Clarkdale has temporarily discontinued its landscape watering. Town staff members are also handing out water conservation brochures to residents.

Garrison did not attend the council meeting.