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Mayor Miller follows legal advice that suits her

Dear Editor:

Camp Verde Mayor Barbara Miller recently wrote a letter to the editor in which she stated, “Ron Ramsey, the town’s attorney, is to give the council legal advice. It is the council’s responsibility, even though we may not agree, to follow that advice. It is inappropriate in a public forum for council members to debate his legal expertise.” That is one of the most ridiculous statements from any government official I think I have ever heard.

Besides, if Mayor Miller is such a stickler for following expert advice to council, then why hasn’t she followed the advice of other experts? Didn’t the council’s outside attorney advise the town to take legal action against the Yavapai-Apache Nation for violating the town’s zoning ordinances regarding the Yavapai-Apache Nation’s sand-and-gravel mining operation? Hasn’t the town’s very competent community development director, John Roberts, said on several occasions that you should not put major nonconforming businesses in or near a residential area? And yet, the mayor still supports a mining operation next to a residential area. Looks like the mayor just takes advice from whomsoever supports her personal agendas.

H. Leon Raper

Camp Verde

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