Sun, July 21

Regional Park back on tonight’s agenda

At tonight’s council meeting, the Camp Verde Town Council may appoint a special committee to help implement and monitor the town’s Capital Improvement Plan.

Finance Director Dane Bullard, who is currently working on a CIP, is asking for the committee appointments as part of the CIP process and recommends at least one member each from the council, the planning and zoning commission and the parks commission. He would also like to see all town department directors included, a Chamber of Commerce representative, a citizen at large and others as deemed essential. Once appointed, the group will meet with the project consultant to review the project scope and begin work on a needs’ assessment phase, he said.

The proposed regional park site is back on this evening’s agenda. Parks and Recreation Director Bill Lee is requesting the council to approve hiring an engineering firm to develop legal descriptions for the State Lake Improvement Fund (SLIF) and Heritage Grant applications and to get bids on hiring an appraisal firm for preliminary bids.

"The SLIF grant is due the end of the month and I don’t expect we will be able to get an appraisal done by that time. I believe that we can still use a grant from SLIF next year. The grant we really need to prepare for is the Heritage grant due the end of February. The Heritage grant could provide us up to $750,000 for acquisition and development. The appraisal cost and legal description can be applied to both grant applications," Lee said.

Lee is also asking the council to approve a water slide and play equipment contract for the town’s Heritage Pool at $76,377. The new slide measuring 19 feet tall and running 128 feet would be installed sometime this winter.

Rainbow Acres President Gary Wagner is requesting the town consider a lease option for the former Mattress Shop located on Main Street. In a letter to Town Manager John Roberts, Wagner indicates that Rainbow had offered the former owner a lease option to purchase the property for $90,000, but received no response. In the meantime, the town bought the site. They want to re-open the Rainbow Acres Thrift Store in the facility.

The council will meet Nov. 8, at 6:3 0 p.m., at Town Hall Chambers, 473 S. Main St.

In other issues on Wednesday’s agenda, the council will:

• Hear a presentation on different perspectives of water resources and the watershed

• Consider an appeal for a special permit waiving underground utility requirements

• Possibly approve John Crane’s development, The Gardens, for a manufactured home community on Seventh Street near General Crook Trail

• Possibly approve a final block plat for Harvard’s Homestead Development

• Possibly approve the use of Highway User Revenue Fund moneys for a service contract

for the Montezuma Castle Highway reconstruction near the high school

• Consider a new health insurance program that might be a self-funded pool. The town is facing a 40 percent increase in health insurance rates, according to Roberts.

• Direct staff on implementation of its town housing strategy

• Possibly approve an intergovernmental agreement with Yavapai County concerning the maintenance of Cherry and Middle Verde Roads, providing increased control for the town of certain drainage areas around Middle Verde Road.