Sat, July 20

Hot Wheels<br>Show'n Glow Car Show at Verde River Days

Preserving and restoring an antique automobile is like caring for a memory.

The Veteran Motor Car Club of America hopes visitors will experience a "remember when" moment during its 12th annual Show 'n Glow Car Show at Riverfront Park during Verde River Days Sept. 30.

"It's wonderful for everyone," explains Bob Davis, president of the central Arizona chapter. "You hear people make comments like, 'I used to have one of those when I dated grandma.' It brings them back to pleasant things."

The car show also benefits community organizations and programs like Drug Awareness Resistance Education (DARE), Mingus and Camp Verde High School scholarships and the Verde Valley Humane Society.

"We try to help where we can with what we can," Davis says.

Entries into any one of 20 categories stand a chance of winning trophies along with the admiration of other car buffs for a pre-registration fee of $15 for the first vehicle and $10 for the second. The show offers opportunities for stock cars vintage 1900 to 1978, street and custom rods, stock and modified trucks from 1948 to 1978, motorcycles, kit and homemade cars, and competition vehicles.

For the young at heart, the organization also includes categories like factory muscle cars, Corvettes, Mustangs, Thunderbirds and (feel the wind in your hair) convertibles.

VMCA members are prohibited from voting but Davis says participation in the club is reward enough.

"We're generally retired people who want to play with cars," laughed Davis. "Our goal is to keep older cars functioning and running."

The club was founded in 1938 in Boston and has grown internationally boasting over 5,000 members throughout the world. It sponsors tours, events and exhibitions of antique and historically significant automobiles throughout the country through its local chapters.

While admiring history, visitors to the Show'n Glow Car Show can count on great Rock n Roll, classic hot dogs and cool treats available from local vendors.

Crowds can begin admiring vintage chrome at 8 a.m. but stick around, winners begin collecting trophies at 1:30 p.m.

If You Go ...

What: Show'n Glow Car Show

When: Sept. 30 during Verde River Days

Where: Riverfront Park

How much: Free

Shuttle service available from Dead Horse Ranch State Park.