Sun, Nov. 17

Two brothers tie for <br>Nation’s council seat

With three vacant seats on the Yavapai-Apache Tribal Council, two brothers, William Hood and Harry Hood, tied for one of those seats with 71 votes each, according to Nation elections’ official Virginia Johnson.

With 19 candidates running in the Sept. 16 election, the two highest vote getters were Wanda Cowley with 83 votes and incumbent Norman Smith with 82. Cowley and Smith will assume two of the three vacant seats. There will be a run-off election Nov. 4 to determine which one of the Hood brothers will take over the third seat, Johnson said.

Nation council elections are held annually on a rotating basis. Up for election this year were three-year seats held by Smith, Aaron Russell and Donna Nightpipe. Russell did not run after serving his maximum two terms. He must withdraw for one year before re-running, according to the elections official. Smith received enough votes to resume his current seat, and incumbent Nightpipe, who ran, was ousted, Johnson confirmed.

"We have over a 1,000 voters and generally get about 300 in the three precincts, which includes absentee ballots," Johnson said. She said there are three precincts that vote — Camp Verde, Middle Verde and Clarkdale, all part of the Y-A Nation.

The recently elected top Nation officials live on the reservation, but are not required to, according to Johnson. She said they can live within a 10-mile radius of the reservation.

Two of the elected officials, Smith and Cowley, are expected to be sworn in later this month. It will be sometime in November after the run-off election before the third seat can be declared.

Not up for election this year and remaining on the council are: Chairman Vincent Randall, Vice Chairman Fred Sanchez; council members, Ted Smith, Maureen Romero, David Kwail and Darlene Rubio.

Johnson said that next summer there will be a primary to determine the two top vote getters for the positions of chairman and vice chairman. The general election, always held the third Saturday in September, will include Councilman David Kwail’s seat expiring in 2001. Smith, Romero and Rubio’s seats are up for election in 2002.

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