Sat, July 20

Cornville to host fundraiser for ronald McDonald House

Cornville will be the venue for this year's 14th annual Fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House in Phoenix. The event is scheduled Jan. 1.

A temporary home-away-from-home for hundreds of families treated for serious illnesses, the Ronald McDonald House in Phoenix has provided support to many local residents confronted with helping their child through traumatic medical challenges.

Cornville resident Patrice Scaturro depended on the Ronald McDonald House for five weeks while her infant daughter was receiving care at Phoenix Children’s Hospital this fall.

“It was very comforting to know I had a place to stay without any worries,” said the mother of four.

Scaturro’s daughter, Angelina, was born premature and required intensive care and ongoing monitoring far from her home in Cornville. During the baby’s hospitalization, Patrice, her husband and two of the couple’s children took refuge at Ronald McDonald House.

The facility, says Scaturro is “geared for the little ones. They provide everything you need.”

Tuesday’s fundraiser begins at 10 a.m. with a 2-mile walk or an ambitious 2-hour mountain bike ride of the scenic sights throughout the Cornville area. Parents and children may also choose to enjoy a more leisurely paced event, a bicycle tour of the area bordered by spectacular views of Oak Creek and the Sedona Red Rocks.

The event concludes at noon with a Spaghetti Feed at Vince’s Little Star Restaurant in the heart of Cornville across from the community’s mercantile. Lunch is just $10 for adults and $5 for children with all proceeds benefiting Ronald McDonald House.

The Ronald McDonald House Charities of Phoenix is a non-profit organization which is completely supported by private and charitable donations. It’s a cheerful and warm environment where families are provided emotional support while children obtain medical care at nearby facilities.

“Caring people in the community are the backbone and support of our organization,” states the Phoenix charity.

Without Ronald McDonald House, parents are faced with lengthy separations and costly expenses for accommodations while their children are undergoing treatment for serious and traumatic illnesses. Without community support, Ronald McDonald House can not continue to bring the highest quality of care and service to the families they serve.

For more information, call Romano Scaturro at 634-1983.