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Camp Verde well served by parks staff, Bill Lee


I want to publicly thank Bill Lee, the director of Parks and Recreation in Camp Verde. He and his staff are dedicated to meeting the needs of this community. And they do it with kind consideration for the public they serve.

For the third year in a row, Bill Lee has entered our Arthritis Foundation Aquatics Exercise Program on the Camp Verde Summer Schedule. This year we have 20 persons enrolled in our class and it is wonderful. People carpool from as far away as Lake Montezuma, Sedona, and Cottonwood.

The pool is heated to 88-90, for our 9 a.m. class. The staff provides chairs and equipment for our use.

A number of local Verde Valley physicians were notified that the class was forming and have referred their patients.

The warm water exercise is often the only exercise some people are able to do. The buoyancy provided by the water decreases stress on painful joints making it possible to preserve and even increase a person's pain-free range of motion. This directly affects the level of function and independence a person is able to experience in daily activities.

We are all so very grateful for our summer months in the pool and look forward to it all winter.

We still have room for a few more people. Come join us. New friendships form each year.

Again, thank you Bill and your exceptional staff.

Judy Jaaskelainen


Cottonwood council needs to listen to constituency


I had the misguided impression that the town of Cottonwood was interested in preserving ope space.

From what I read in Wednesday's Verde Independent, this is evidently not the case. I am very disappointed with the Cottonwood council; they all seen determined to disregard the opinions of the majority of their constituency in favor of those of outside developers.

I can understand some of the points on annexation, but surely it can be done in such a manner that will preserve the quality of life we all enjoy here.

Some things money cannot buy. If a "big box regional mall" belongs anywhere it is out on the interstate, not at the intersection of 89A and Cornville Road.

Now I begin to understand ADOT's proposed bypass of the intersection of 89A and 260. It appears things have been brewing in the back room for quite a while and that a few special interests see nothing but dollar signs when they look at the corridor between Cottonwood and Sedona.

I know that many people living in Cottonwood share these opinions and it is time for the Cottonwood council to start listening to those they represent.

Margaret Thede


What ever happened to old-fashioned patriotism?


I attended the July 4 party at the Verde Valley Fairgrounds. Let me say that it was a really nice party. Especially when the veterans of the armed forces were honored.

But I was mortified at the amount of people that did not or would not stand for our National Anthem.

If that is not a lack of respect for my country, my flag, and all the men and women who shed blood and died for this country, I don’t know what is.

Men and women died to make this country free. Died so others could come here and have a taste of our freedoms.

I shed blood for my country and my flag not once but twice, and to see people disrespecting the sacrifices of so many just sickens me.

If I can respect Cinco de Mayo, Black Pride Day and Gay Pride marches, then these people had better learn to show respect for my country and my flag.

What are these people taught in school? Aren’t these people taught that this is the greatest country on earth? Of course, I guess respect has gone the way of most of our freedoms. Gone some place where no one gives a damn about them.

I for one care about my country and my flag. I sing my National Anthem, and I also lower my head in prayer when it is offered.

I also thank God that I am able to live in a country that is free, and a leader in the world.

Maybe these people who don’t love my country enough to stand for my National Anthem should go back to where they came from. If their country is so good that they can disrespect my country, why come here?

I for one will help send back all those ingrates who have no respect for the United States of America, and I am sure that there are others who love this country and our flag who would like to see the disrespectful leave.

People, get a little pride in the USA, show some respect, or get the hell out.

Richard Smith


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