Sun, Feb. 23

Chef's Table newest experience at Storyteller's restaurant

Storyteller's restaurant at Cliff Castle Casino now offers guests a fireside Chef's Table for a dining experience not soon to be forgotten.

Guests of the Chef's Table are invited to meet award-winning Chef Anthony Alejandro as he and his culinary team prepare unique meals tailored to the most discerning taste buds.

From Smoked Chicken Avocado Soup to Pan Seared Smokes Venison Chop, savory dishes are colorfully prepared with Alejandro's signature style.

"We wanted to offer our patrons an experience that they cannot find anywhere else in the world," said Chef Anthony Alejandro. "At Storyteller's, we are able to provide our guests with a front row seat on the culinary creative process coupled with our signature rustic-chic atmosphere and innovative cuisine. We strive to make each guest's evening memorable."

As part of the Chef's Table, guests experience a custom multi-course feast, prepared according to individual specifications. Parties can choose from an array of fine meats, fresh salads, scrumptious entrees and luscious deserts from Chef Anthony's personal menu-or venture off the menu and request anything that they desire.

Alejandro's culinary accolades include a bronze medal earned in Arizona's first statewide chef's competition in October 200 in Phoenix. In addition, Alejandro was chosen by Restaurateur of Arizona magazine as the Chef of the Month for March 2000.

Alejandro was chosen for the honor, in part, for his Papaya Glazed Chicken recipe, a signature dish he created for Storyteller's Steakhouse. Alejandro has also won top honor at the Chef's of the West Cake Competition and a bronze medal at the Great Southwestern Food and Lodging Show's 1999 ACF Culinary Competition.

The Chef's Table accommodates six people and is nestled in an intimate cave atmosphere amidst flowing fountains and a roaring fireplace.

Reservations may be made by calling 567-7905. A party of six required, with reservations made at least two weeks in advance.

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