Thu, July 18

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It's time for VVPOA to call it quits


When my husband and I moved to Verde Village two years ago, we tried to ignore rumors about the home owners association.

When they doubled the price for the horse stable and the renters moved I decided to offer my bid at fair market value, which was denied by the board.

The stable is still empty and has been for seven months. Could it be the board plans on selling the property? How about other common property?

There is no doubt that the association is in deep financial trouble. Monies may not be available for the normal operation expenses. Rather than concentrating on new member marketing strategies, the board has allowed itself to fall into the pit of inflexible rules of operation.

Some board members strut about quoting rules like lava flowing from a mountain while others follow like sheep. Common sense has given way to greed and indifference. This pervasive attitude has reflected itself by lack of membership.

The basic non-mandatory charter has made association membership voluntary. Any prudent citizen, when given this choice, would ask themselves what do they do for me. The answer is quite obvious: Not much.

Perhaps it is time to remind the board of directors that people become weary of government in general. They do not like to grovel and humble themselves before the board and the loss of control they have over their lives.

In my opinion, the association should be dissolved.

Diana VanMoorlehem

Verde Village

Rare view of the celebration of Mother's Day


Dan Engler's Sunday "Insights" was a great piece of writing and a wonderful tribute to both his parents.

It must have been a special moment for them when they read it. What a rare view of the celebration of Mother's Day!

Ruth Gaeta