Tue, June 25

Sewer District considers waiving hook-up fees

Wednesday's meeting at the Camp Verde Sanitary District is important to some who have been paying a sewer tax without sewer benefit.

Nov. 14, at 1 p.m., district officials meet to discuss, among other things, the possible waiver of hook-up fees for current sewer property owners within the assessment district. The meetings are generally 2 p.m., but a board member requested the earlier time.

More than 300 business and residential property owners will benefit from the new sewer lines including those living in Reddell Ranch Acres and Fort River Caves Subdivisions as well as existing businesses at the Interstate 17 and Arizona 260 interchange. Many in Reddell Ranch Acres, Fort River Caves and others have complained to sewer officials about payments they have paid for years to the district as an "ad valorum" tax. Some expect or have asked for a credit from the district.

Board member Wes Mauldin who lives in Fort River Caves, intimated at the last district public hearing, that he will fight for a "waiver" of hook-up costs for those who have paid in all these years.

Hook fees are currently $500 for a single family resident and 50 cents a square foot for a commercial property, confirmed District Chair Suzy Burnside.

On other issues before the district, the board will:

• Consider acceptance of its annual audit and its October financial condition report.

• Discuss easement acquisitions for the project including its pump station site at Salt Mine Road and Arizona 260.

• Discuss approval for several current invoices related to the project, newspaper publication ($4075), engineering costs ($125,523) and legal billing ($4,984).

• Discussion on advertising for a new district manager.

• Consider action on general operations of the district.

• Give staff direction on the amendments to the rules and regulations of the district.

• Consider action on the reconciliation of the original assessment done for the townsite project in 1989.

• Set a protest hearing date.