Tue, Jan. 28

Preliminary report:<br>Pipeline will cost nearly $9 million

The initial engineering information is in on Prescott's planned water pipeline from Paulden, and the estimates place the project’s cost at nearly $9 million.

In August, the city entered a half-million-dollar contract with Black and Veatch Engineers to design the pipeline the city plans to run from the Big Chino aquifer in Paulden.

The contract required the firm to bring back a preliminary report, including cost estimates, by fall. The estimate for the cost of the pipeline is $8,972,890, which includes a 10-percent contingency.

That is close to the city’s estimate of the project cost. A memo for the council from Environmental Services Director Brad Huza stated that the city has $9 million in this year’s budget for the project.

City officials expect Black and Veatch to complete the final design by late March 2002. The complete design will include plans for a 5-million-gallon reservoir, booster pumps, a chlorination system, and the transmission main.

The city plans to pump water from its well in the Paulden area to provide a long-term supply for the Prescott area.

Verde Valley officials have opposed the project, maintaining that large-scale pumping from the Big Chino Basin could affect the flow of the Verde River.

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