Tue, June 25

Prescott’s water pipeline will never be a ‘test run’

This week, Prescott gave us about 9 million reasons why we should not believe them.

The city announced that the cost estimates for the project are expected to be right around $9 million. That includes the water pipeline, a 5-million gallon reservoir, booster pumps and a chlorination system.

All along, Prescott has refused to wait on a scientific consensus derived from the various studies organized through the Yavapai County Water Advisory Committee. The committee’s objectives include making a scientific determination about the correlation between the Big Chino Basin and the Verde River.

Instead of making decisions based on scientific evidence, Prescott has said, in so many words, “trust us.”

Yea, right.

We’re sure Prescott is going to spend $9 million for a “test run.”

That’s the kind of investment you make for the long term. It’s the kind of investment you don’t pull the plug on if it has a negative impact on the flow of the river.

It’s the kind of investment that gives the Verde Valley 9 million reasons why we shouldn’t trust Prescott.

Some of the studies showing a direct link between the Big Chino and the Verde River date back 30 years. The area around Paulden always has been referred to as the headwaters to the Verde River. It wasn’t until Prescott announced plans to pump from the Big Chino for its domestic water needs that we heard maybe the Verde River was not dependant on that water source.

It’s obvious Prescott views the Big Chino as the best, perhaps only, solution to its water woes.

And if that has a negative impact on the flow of the Verde River, at least they are getting their hands on that water first.

But, please, don’t tell us this is a “test run.”

We now have 9 million reasons to know that’s simply not true.