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2) There is not enough helium in the atmosphere. Helium, a light gas, is formed during radioactive alpha-decay in rock minerals. It rapidly escapes and enters the atmosphere much faster than it can escape Earth's gravity. Even if God had created the world with no helium to begin with, the small amount in the atmosphere would have taken at most around two million years to accumulate. This is far less than the assumed 3-plus billion-year age of the atmosphere.

3) Many fossils indicate that they must have formed quickly, not over a long period of time. a) Common fossils. There are billions of fossil fish in rock layers around the world that are incredibly well-preserved. They frequently show intact fins and often scales, indicating that they were buried rapidly and the rock hardened quickly. In the real world, dead fish are scavenged within 24 hours. Even in some idealized cold, sterile, predator-free and oxygen-free water, they will become soggy and fall apart within weeks.

4) Many processes that are claimed to take millions of years, don't need long periods of time. a) Coal formation. Argonne National Lab has shown that heating wood, water and acidic clay at 150°C for 4 to 36 weeks with no added pressure forms high-grade black coal. b) Stalactites and stalagmites. There is a mining tunnel in Mt Isa, Queensland, Australia, where a tunnel was only 50 years old when it had fully formed stalactites and stalagmites. c) Rock and fossil formation. Scientists have long known that petrifaction can happen quickly. Petrified wood can also form quickly under the right conditions — one method has been patented by a man in New Mexico where you can buy petrified wood indistinguishable from that found naturally.

5) The oceans are nowhere near salty enough. Each year, the world's rivers and underground streams add millions of tons of salt to the sea, and only a fraction of this goes back onto the land. Using the most favorable possible assumptions for long-agers, the absolute maximum age of the oceans is only a tiny fraction of their assumed billions-of-years age.

What about the radioactive dating methods? Facts: 1. Radiometric 'dating' labs do not measure age — they measure amounts of chemicals, then from this they infer age, based on the underlying assumptions. 2.When the assumptions are tested by measuring rocks of known age — e.g. recent lava flows — they often fail miserably. 4. Objects of the same age, tested by different methods, have been shown to give "dates" varying by more than a 1,000 times.

Next, let's turn to Mr. Kanowsky's analogy of the man and the coffee shop. Let me ask, if you found a pair of glasses on the street in front of the coffee shop would you say, "What a marvelous series of accidents over billions of years that ended up creating these." If not, then why do you say the same about the pair of eyes behind the glasses that is so much, much more complex? More than I could cover in a hundred thousand such letters.

Finally, to quote Stephen Jay Gould as the end authority on evolution is just a gas. Please come and talk to me and I'll be happy to show you much more than a few non-trivial facts to support the real authenticity of the Bible and Creation, and destroy any notion you have that evolution is a science. Just one example, no one, including Mr. Gould, has ever presented one example of information being added to the genes of any living creature. This is a basic underpinning of evolution. Mr. Gould was interviewed recently and asked to give one example of information being added by adaptation or mutation, and has a pause of over 15 excruciating seconds in which he tries to think of just one example, and then admits there are none.

Indeed, it has been conclusively proved that it is impossible for that to occur. To accept evolution, you must believe that adaptations add information (all known ones subtract information) or that mutations are beneficial (all mutations known are harmful or neutral) and that although each species has not only a different genetic code, each also has a different decoder to activate that code. Instrumentalism cannot work under these conditions. Also, consider some of the irreducible structures of our own body — such as the eye, the knee joint — each component has no functional advantage by itself and is only useful if all parts are present and working. Evolution calls for a series of functional advantages that result in complexity. Creating intricately sounding sophistries at the expense of integrity is not science.

I invite Mr. Kanowsky to consider that there is no way to have it both ways. If the Bible is wrong about science, then it is also wrong about God. If there is no God, then man makes up the rules and there is no standard for ethics. If man determines ethics, then, at the time, Hitler was correct in how he believed because a majority of the people in his country agreed with him. Genesis is literally true. There is a God. There are absolute moral and ethical rules.

Michael Mueller


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