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Veteran Motor Car Club cruising for charity

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Car shows throughout Northern Arizona would not be complete without a lineup of the cruisers owned by members of the Verde Valley chapter of the Veteran Motor Car Club.

Davis first became interested in cars around the age of 14.

"My friends and I liked to toy with them. That was about the point when we grew out of bicycles and into cars. Back then cars were more simple, you could hold parts together with wire if you had to."

Davis continues: "I just love the old cars. I would hate to just see them go down the drain."

His feelings about vintage cars is shared by his friends in the Veteran Motor Car Club. With more than 24 families in the Central Arizona Chapter, these car enthusiasts collect, restore and cruise their treasured vehicles in parades and other special events in the Verde Valley.

The Veteran Car Club is a non-profit organization donating all of its proceeds to a variety of charities. They have contributed to the Animal Shelter, Toy Drives at Christmas, Bread of Life, Cancer Drives, school scholarships and many others contributions.

"They are all so important. We just try to find where our money is needed. We help where we can."

Davis has been involved in the Car Club for nearly five years. He has been the president for three years. He describes the group as "good folks." Most of the members are retired. They meet for six months in Camp Verde, then for six months in Cottonwood to accommodate the Camp Verde and Cottonwood members.

At their meetings, they discuss their upcoming events, their "cruises" and organize trophies, charity planning and have a fun time with their playful banter between the Ford folks and the Chevy enthusiasts.

The cars do get expensive to maintain, especially if you are keeping them authentic. Davis has found the Bulb Horn magazine to be a good resource for ordering parts.

On the first or second Saturday in April, they will have their Black Canyon City Parade. Every year they have their annual Verde River Show 'n Glow, which will be held Sept. 28 at the Riverfront Park in Cottonwood. There they have food, oldies music, and award prizes and trophies to entrants.

The Veteran Motor Car Club was founded in 1938 in Boston and has grown internationally with over 5,000 members throughout the world. It sponsors, tours, and holds events and exhibitions of antique and historically significant automobiles throughout the country through its local chapters.

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