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Let the property owners make decision


The best way for the Verde Village Property Owner’s Association to settle the dilemma about the Architectural Control Committee is to hold the necessary election and hope that the property will vote to establish an A.C.C. as stipulated in the Covenants, which state that, “No building or improvements of any kind shall be erected, moved into, or maintained on the premises herein described until the design and location thereof have been first submitted to and approved by Queen Creek Land and Cattle Corporation, or upon relinquishing all lots by said corporation, then by a committee elected by the owners of record of a majority of lots in said subdivision. In the event that such a committee is not in existence, the design shall be in harmony with other dwellings or outside buildings.”

The question is not whether or not it should exist; but, what is the legal basis for its existence? What legal entanglements may arise if the present course is not corrected?

The next step really needs to be opening the channels of communication. It is suggested that the date of May 14 be set for the election.

Frances Morgan

Verde Village

Verde Village needs advocates, not association


Pay attention Verde Village residents. What you don’t know can and will hurt you financially if you ever pick up a paint brush to improve your property. Do you know we have an “Architectural Control Committee?”

The key word here is control.

The Verde Village Property Owners Association is struggling to survive financially for lack of interest and drop in membership contributions. They are now trying to fill this gap by spying on the residents in order to collect more money and continue the activities that benefit only the few.

Here is an example of how the fees have changed recently. A few years ago, you could set up a mobile home in the Verde Village and it would cost you $5. Just to build a fence will now cost you $20, while the county charges $12.50. The explanation I got from the "Control Committee" was, “we are not the county.”

If the Verde Village officers and directors were interested in making the Villages a desirable and attractive place to live, why aren’t they enforcing the CC&R’s regarding properties that are full of junk and look downright abandoned? Simple, there is no money in it.

In his recent Letter to the Editor, Mr. Meddleton calls this collection agency “fair and compassionate.” Do you believe him? If not then call the Property Owners Advocates at 646-9560.

Luiz G. Schiaveto

Verde Village

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