Wed, June 26

Turn of events in CV school board race

Staff photo by Carol Keefer

FOUR OF THE FIVE Camp Verde School Board candidates at the Oct. 24 Candidates Forum at the multi-plex theater. (From left): Bob Simbric (a write-in candidate), Linda MacPhee, Wendy Escoffier and John Bassous. Absent is Frank Blaire who thought he had bowed out of the race but had not withdrawn his name in time. Blaire is a write-in candidate, like Simbric. Both are seeking a four-year term.

Camp Verde Education Association President John Bohan announced at the Oct. 24 School Board forum that write-in school board candidate Frank Blaire had bowed out of the race. His decision came, Bohan clarified, after learning that Bob Simbric had officially entered the race as a second write-in candidate, going after the same four-year seat. With Simbric's entry and Blaire's departure, it appeared that there would still be only four candidates going after four seats.

However, it was discovered this week, just five days before the election, that Blaire had not officially withdrawn his name in time, in this case by Oct. 22. Officials say Blaire's name will still appear at the polls as a write-in possibility making it five candidates seeking four seats.

"He has not rescinded his write-in candidacy. It means he's a write-in candidate and his name will be posted along with newcomer Bob Simbric," confirmed Carol Schultz with the Yavapai County School Superintendent's Office.

Registered voters of the district will select from the following slate as confirmed by a Yavapai County Elections Department official:

John Bassous and Linda MacPhee are running for the two, two-year term seats (both unopposed). Their names will be listed on the ballot.

Wendy Escoffier, Bob Simbric and Frank Blaire are running for two of the four-year terms (two seats open; three candidates). Escoffier's name will be listed as a candidate on the ballot; Simbric and Blaire's names will not but will be listed somewhere at the polls as possible write-in candidates.

Registered school district voters can cast their votes for their school board choices at the General Election on Nov. 5. The governing board consists of five members; four seats are currently up for election.

Simbric filed jut under the wire as an official write-in candidate by the Oct. 22 deadline. In the past, Simbric served on the local school board for several years, he said. In recent months, he was appointed by the Yavapai County school superintendent to fill a board vacancy.

Blaire has no official background with the school board, but was urged to run by other school board members. He is a director of technical services with Scottsdale Health Care with a certification to teach in Arizona.

"Bob Simbric has put in for the race and I think he's perfectly qualified." That comment was made by Blaire just moments before he realized he had not been officially withdrawn from the race and that Simbric was now an opponent.