Mon, Aug. 19

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Cottonwood needs Diane Joens on council


Local elections are fast approaching and I would like to remind my fellow citizens that these elections are the ones where our voice is most likely heard. Who we elect locally has a direct and immediate effect on our community. In these times of such rapid growth and insecurity about our water resources, it is crucial that we elect people who understand all the issues.

Diane Joens is just the person that the Cottonwood City Council needs. She and her husband are local business owners and understand the needs of business and of working people. Diane is committed to the infrastructure of Cottonwood. The schools, public safety, roads are all connected to the quality of the town.

Diane Joens has a working knowledge of water laws and understands the water issues facing our community. She has worked at the County Board of Supervisors and would prove invaluable when coordinating with the county government. Diane has worked on the Planning and Zoning Commission and understands the open space concepts. Diane has also worked on the Parks and Recreation Committee.

Diane Joens has spent tremendous personal time working on the Verde River Almanac. The purpose of this is to increase understanding of the Verde River and its tremendous impact both economically and recreationally on our Valley. Diane is willing to work hard physically as well. She has worked on trails such as the Jail Trail in Cottonwood and helping to plant trees in the Del Monte Wash. She has taken part in Project Central, Center for Rural Leadership, which is an intensive statewide training program for leadership in rural issues.

Diane Joens is committed to Cottonwood and with this array of experience would be a tremendous asset to the City and the entire Verde Valley. Please take advantage of this offered experience and vote for Diane Joens for Cottonwood City Council.

Linda Nelson


Thanks for taking the time to care


The staff at Westcott Funeral Home would like to thank those who came by to sign the memorial book for the seven astronauts lost in the Columbia tragedy. Several people dropped off cards and an elementary school class made cards and notes to be sent to the families of this space shuttle crew.

All of these items have been sent to the Astronaut office at the Johnson Space Center in Houston where they will be shared in an appropriate was as determined by NASA.

The Verde Valley has sent its love and sympathy to those in mourning for those seven brave souls.

Steve Palmer

Westcott Funeral Homes