Fri, July 19

Cottonwood City Elections<br><i>Growth prompts Rothrock to seek council seat</i>

Staff photo by Angela De Welles


running for the city

council for the first


Rothrock says he has thrown his hat into the ring because he thinks this is the time for Cottonwood.

"I believe that Cottonwood is really at a critical point in its growth," Rothrock said.

The candidate said that the city has the opportunity to outgrow its small town qualities or can focus on growing where development already exists.

"I would want to focus on having developments that are attractive and utilize the open space within the city," Rothrock said.

The council hopeful believes that zoning is the way a council member can guide the growth of a community.

While growth is an important issue that Rothrock hopes to tackle, he has opinions on the state of the city's economy too.

He said budget cuts are always tough and it's his hope that department heads are able to prioritize and economize within their departments, but he's not willing to reduce some departments.

"We can not risk decreasing our public safety awareness," Rothrock said.

He currently serves on the Cottonwood-Oak Creek School District's budget committee and believes he can incorporate some of the committee's budget practices to the council.

Budget matters and city growth are not the only matters Rothrock considers to be important.

"Water is definitely the most critical issue facing the city," he said. "I think we need to find out how much water the city has available."

That will help with making decisions regarding growth and development, according to Rothrock.

The council hopeful supports the city's acquisition of water companies and would like to impose an inverted rate structure to reward those who conserve water.

"The less you use, the less you pay," Rothrock said.