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Beaver Creek School approves budget

“The budget is looking slim,” said Beaver Creek Superintendent/Principal Judy McBride following Monday’s school board meeting.

“We’ve had a discrepancy with the student count. We budgeted what the state had. We hope it will be corrected adding another $16,000 to be revised in the budget in September. The salaries are frozen. The state retirement more than doubled and our health insurance increase was about 5 percent.”

The Beaver Creek School Board approved its K-8 rural district’s budget for the school year of 2003-04.

“This year’s maintenance and operation budget is $1,888,847, a 3.5 percent increase from last year,” McBride said. “Last year’s 2002-03 revised M&O budget was $1,825,119, a $63,700 increase this year. We had no unspent monies in our unrestricted capital outlay fund, leaving a zero balance to carry forward to this coming year. The soft capital allocation fund is about $15,000 higher than last year due to more students in high school and elementary. It is $115,000.”

The higher costs, McBride said, are due mainly to more tuition money required. The kindergarten through eighth-grade school must pay for its children going to nearby high schools.

“The tuition is up because the student count is up; also Sedona is now charging,” she added.

She said that in the past Sedona Red Rock High School administration never charged, but now with four Beaver Creek students attending the Sedona school, it does.

Impact by the new Belle Affeld Beloved Humanities Academy (grades 4-12), a new charter school in Lake Montezuma, has had little effect yet on the budget that has depended on state growth monies over the past several years. McBride said so far they’ve only had one request for a student transfer, but agrees it could impact them eventually.

“I’m sure some people will give it a try,” she said.

Belle Academy (BABHA), located in the Beaver Creek Inn, is opening its doors July 28.

McBride said the board hopes for an increase in student count so they can acknowledge salary increases this school year for classified and certified teachers.

Beaver Creek School has continuously grown over the past several years and receives growth monies as a result from the State of Arizona. The school has depended on growth monies, about $38,000 in fact, in 2002-03.

“That’s the only way you can generate money, by growing,” McBride said.

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