Thu, April 02

Stanford 9 tests next week

McBride suggests that parents encourage their children by saying something like, 'I know the tests are hard, but I know you can do a good job.' She said because the Stanford tests are timed tests, some kids get edgy.

Because of that, some of her teachers have been working with students throughout the year on timed practices. McBride adds that tests are no longer than two hours and it is always in the mornings.

"This year, we're going to give them water bottles," she said indicating that tests suggest water stimulates the brain. "The children will also receive nourishing snacks," she said adding they will do the same for the upcoming AIMS tests.

According to the Arizona Department of Education's Analysis of Arizona Stanford 9 test results for the spring of 2002 . . .

"During the past five years, Arizona students have accomplished significant academic gains in mathematics and language arts. In Mathematics, students in grades 3-7 gained at least 10 percentile ranks Third grade students posted the most improvement with an advance of 15 percentile ranks since 1997. Third grade students also had impressive gains in language arts (12 percentile ranks). The remaining grade levels progressed 5-9 percentile ranks," it stated.

Our goal is always to "where no student will regress in his percentile and most will increase," remarked CV Superintendent Ron Maughan.

In Camp Verde . . .

• Sanford 9 tests are next week

Monday through Wednesday (March 31-April 2)

Makeup tests Thursday and Friday (April 3, 4)


CV High School will do reading, math, April 28-29.

Grades 3, 5 and 8, the week of May 5 (reading, math and writing).

In Beaver Creek . . .

• Stanford 9 tests are in two weeks

Monday through Friday (April 7-11)

Makeup tests are April 14-17

• AIMS: will be the week of April 28

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