Thu, April 09

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It pays to gas up in Camp Verde


Saturday I took a trip to Camp Verde to fill up my car with gas.

I am amazed that I was able to save 35 cents per gallon.

In Cottonwood, gas was $1.62. In Camp Verde, the price was a mere $1.27 per gallon.

How can the same exact gas station afford such a big price difference, and why are we in Cottonwood being ripped off in such a big way?

I called the State Attorney General's Office to ask just that question. The answer is that we do not have any price gouging statutes in Arizona. Most other states do have these laws. I spoke with a Mr. Dave Kleinz, who is an attorney in that office helping to investigate price-gouging.

His suggestion is that we all write to our legislators immediately and demand that they institute these laws right away. He welcomes any calls from people reporting just such activities and practices in our area.

His phone number is: 602 542-7749. I suggest we all "get busy" trying to defend ourselves and our pocket books against these unfair and extreme money-making practices. These people should be ashamed of themselves. Our state has some of the lowest wages in the country and yet we are being taken advantage of in a very big way by money hungry gas stations.

I also called the gas station in Cottonwood and spoke with their assistant manager. She very rudely told me that they don't have to "compete" with Camp Verde prices. I wasn't aware that our gas prices were controlled by competition. I thought it was based on the crude oil barrel prices. Silly me.

If people don't start standing up for themselves in the face of such blatant price gouging, then we will be forced to pay these prices or drive 17 miles each way to get a fairer price. What would you prefer to do?

N. Lynn


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