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Letter can't go unanswered


I'm sorry Arden Druce's liberal friend considers her Letters to the Editor to be boring ("The Meaning of Liberals," Verde Independent, Letters to the Editor, April 18). Sometimes you just have to put up with stuff.

But I can't let Arden's comments go unanswered. Sorry, her points are a little strange. She says liberal government gives us higher debt and higher taxes. Hmmm. Seems to me that it's George W. Bush who's given us the largest national debt figure in the history of the country, and that after coming into office with a serious surplus.

"Bureaucratic controls over our private lives"? Oops, it's not the liberals who want to be in our bedrooms, making sure we do it the "right" way or taking control of their bodies away from women.

"Recognition of (totalitarian) governments..." I don't remember it being just Democrats that encouraged despots in their dreams of power. If you will go back into history a few years you'll remember it was Ronald Reagan's Ppresidency that practically single-handedly supported Saddam Hussein in order to keep Iran at bay. In fact it was Donald Rumsfeld who actually went to Iraq for Reagan to show that support.

"Abolition of the U.S. Constitution..." Has anyone ever heard of the "Patriot Act"? I agree that we are at war and should take more precautions, but when you start taking some people's rights away it's everyone who loses those rights, not just the terrorists. If that's the way you want to live you might as well go to Iran or Saudi Arabia.

And how about egalitarianism? As someone who's worked hard all her life I see nothing wrong with every one being economically equal. In fact, the dictionary gives the meaning to be "Of or advocating equal social and political rights for all types of people." Sounds pretty good to me.

Another thing that upsets me about some conservatives is their constant insistence that liberals are ungodly. I know many liberal and middle-of-the-road Democrats who go to church, believe in the Golden Rule and are very moral. How dare anyone say liberals hate their country and are trying to destroy the Constitution. Do you really believe it was conservatives that signed that document? Believe me, in those days you had to be liberal to put your life on the line when you signed your name.

My people have been in this country for over 200 years, and I thank God every day that I'm here! No one is making anyone respond to anything. If you're tired of being boring to your friend maybe you need a new friend. I want a new president.

Kathleen Chaney


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