Sun, Dec. 08

Council demands curb, gutter on Kyllingstad site

Staff photo by Carol Keefer

POLICE have been parked near the Verde Café property this week during construc-tion.

Following an executive session on July 21, the council directed Town Attorney Julie Kriegh to send a letter to ADOT stating its wishes. This week at its Aug. 4 meeting, they again clarified their position and asked Kriegh to send a follow-up letter stating the same thing and to make sure that ADOT understood that doing "nothing" was not an option. The council also wants any money not spent for the project be set aside for the town's future use.

The town has for the past two years tried to reach an agreement with Steve Kyllingstad in order to obtain right of way for the Main Street Beautification project. The Kyllingstad property with approximately 250 feet of frontage on Main Street (Verde Café and building next door), is the only frontage along Main Street that lacks new sidewalks, curbs, gutters, driveways, benches, and landscaping grids as the beautification project continues to wind down.

The town has objected to ADOT's idea of placing a flat sidewalk alone because of its potential danger to pedestrians. The sidewalk would go behind parked cars at the Verde Café and Artisans' Guild Gallery site. Both buildings are owned by Steve Kyllingstad.

"Right now, ADOT has plans to put an asphalt sidewalk within its right of way. The sidewalk will be divided on both the roadway and Kyllingstad's boundaries by AB," Town Manager Bill Lee explained earlier this week.

Cars entering the café and next door property from Main Street park head first. Curb and gutters with driveway entrances would provide protection for pedestrians, but could force parallel parking instead of head-on parking.

It was reported that ADOT/Ames had decided to pour the sidewalks in front of the Kyllingstad property this week (possibly Thursday afternoon), following this paper's deadline.

A Department of Public Safety officer has been seen stationed near the Verde Café almost daily this week. One officer said it was for traffic control; another said it was for protection reasons due to the Kyllingstad controversy.

Sgt. Robert Hardt from the Camp Verde DPS office did confirm that they had been requested by ADOT to provide police protection at the site during construction.

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