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CV school board addresses drainage issue<br><i>Settles business issues at meeting</i>

Camp Verde School Board addressed several issues at its Aug. 10 meeting, just prior to the opening of the school year.

Administrators and board members discussed the proposed intergovernmental agreement regarding the storm water retention project.

School Superintendent Ron Maughan said the source of the runoff is located on a piece of property owned by the district near Apache Trails Road. He said that the construction of a water retention basin and a system of berms to alleviate water runoff would address the potential for flooding on the campus.

"The school inherits all of the runoff from the hill to the north," Maughan said. "Storm water runs across the campus and has the potential for flooding our buildings."

He said that this issue is a concern not only for the school, but also for near-by residents who are similarly affected by this watershed path.

"This is a joint problem with the school and with residents in the area," Maughan said. "The city is working jointly with this two-year project at our request to spread out the funding in that two years."

Maughan added that a similar problem was address last year on the south road and, "We learned from engineers that we need to resolve the problem at the source -- that source being this area along Apache Trails Road."

The funding for the project will be collected by the school's adjacent ways taxes and was approved by the school board in July.

The board also discussed and adopted the proposed administrative salary schedule for future salaries.

Maughan explained that this is a factor regarding the responsibilities and contractual requirements for district employees.

"Some positions have different contract lengths, and some positions require more lengthy working hours than others," he said. "In lean years, when teachers are not able to get a salary raise, administrators will also not get them. In better years, when teachers get raises, administrators will get the same percentage raise."

Board members and those attending also were given the opportunity to inspect the district's bus fleet.

Maughan said that the buses were primed and ready when school opened Aug. 11. The current bus fleet is comprised of approximately 15 buses.

"We try to purchase two buses one year and one more in the next year," he said. "This is a large piece of our capital budget for new equipment and a bus can range from $50,000 to more than $100,000, depending upon what options area required."

The next Camp Verde School Board meeting will be Sept. 14, at 7 p.m. in the Multi Use Complex located on Camp Lincoln Road.

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