Tue, June 25

Cottonwood showcases local talent Sunday

Janette Davis' Cotton Klickin' Kickers represent one of many groups performing at the Cottonwood Civic Center on Sunday as part of the Showcase of Talent.

The Cottonwood Civic Center was built in 1939, on land donated by Charles Willard. Local donators helped pay for materials, the Civic Club held numerous fundraisers, and the WPA helped to put the building together. The building is unique in that it is made of large native granite boulders, red sandstone and red rock, all brought to the job site by horse drawn carts.

The building initially held large dinners, films, talks, dances, variety shows and more. In 1942, the building was donated to the Air Force to train 110 cadets. In 1948, two women from the Civic Club baked 119 pies to help local farmers keep their farms.

Today, the same building hosts numerous programs, with a nearly full schedule every day of the week. The Civic Center Renovation Committee has devoted much time and effort to restore not only the physical structure but also the community’s sense of pride in a rare part of Cottonwood’s history. The stage has been extended, with new stairways, fresh paint and new backstage curtains.

The Showcase of Talent, on Dec. 12, is free to everyone. However, any donations to the Renovation Committee will be gratefully accepted. Electrical Work, new stage lighting and sound systems are among the many projects still to be accomplished.