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Verde Lakes discussed as possible town park <br>

Staff photo by Carol Keefer

Joan Wilson in front of Verde Lakes (ponds).

The two ponds, fed by the Wingfield Ditch I, are located on five acres on Aspen Drive. According to Joan Wilson, the area is maintained by about 20 residents, the Verde Lakes Recreational Association started in 1982.

Wilson, the secretary/treasurer, said the idea of gifting the ponds to the town was not a new one; that the town had actually approached them a few years ago. With growing worry about possible liability claims, increasing property taxes, water right issues, and only a handful paying dues to maintain the area, she said that they thought it would be the best thing to do.

In late November, Parks and Recreation members viewed the site. Dec. 2, Deborah Moody, from Verde Lakes, said she attended a Parks and Recreation Commission meeting to share the ponds’ history and to express concerns including lack of notification to property owners, and the possibility of increased traffic, noise and littler if the site becomes a town park. According to Moody, her father was the owner in the original transfer of the land.

"The only condition of title transfer is if it ceases to be used as a recreational area and park, it reverts back to the owner," Moody explained, a point confirmed by Wilson.

Lee said he was aware of her and some others’ concerns and that there are still many aspects to consider before a recommendation could go to council.

"John [council member Reddell] and I suggested they might want to look at the town taking over the operations and maintenance of the park for a year on a trial basis," Lee said. "I’m not certain the council is even interested, but if they want to pursue it, they might want to do this."

There is a follow-up meeting of the recreational association at Verde Lakes this month, Wilson noted. The meeting is Jan. 11, 2 p.m., at the lakes (ponds) if weather permits, or at the clubhouse if the weather is inclement. She encourages interested individuals to attend.

Next meeting . . .

What: Verde Lakes Recreational Association Meeting

When: Sunday, Jan. 11, 2 p.m.

Where: At the Verde Lakes ponds (weather permitting). At Verde Lakes Property Owner’s Association Clubhouse on Verde Lakes Drive ( if inclement weather).

Call: 567-5980 Joan Wilson for further information

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