Sun, Dec. 15

Battle between ADOT, Steve Kyllingstad rages on

Staff photo by Carol Keefer

Steve Kyllingstad has his property paved late last week.

What happens now is anyone's guess.

After more than two years of negotiations, the Town of Camp Verde and Kyllingstad have been unable to reach agreement on right-of-way acquisition in front of his property needed by the Arizona Department of Transportation for the Main Street Beautification project.

Passerby's traveling down Main Street will see new street lights, curb and gutters, sidewalks and landscaping beds for future trees and vegetation as part of ADOT's ongoing beautification efforts, everywhere that is, except between Hollamon and the former Chicago Title Company.

Kyllingstad says that ADOT cannot place a sidewalk on the public property now (the gravel strip) because his customers would not be able to legally back over the sidewalks. Adding closed curb and gutter in front of his property would shut off access to his property. He said that he has 35 parking spaces accessible to Main Street in and around both buildings.

Just recently, the council rejected Kyllingstad's latest offer. Town Manager Bill Lee explained that Kyllingstad wanted the town to give him the property that the town now owns behind the café on Hollamon Street plus purchase an easement for property in front of his restaurant at about $35/square foot. He insinuated that the town would be responsible for the costs of beautification accruements at this late date. Mayor Mitch Dickinson told Kyllingstad during a special session on May 26 that the council did not feel it was a fair offer and that the town had no counter offer. Following the council's decision, Kyllingstad said that he would proceed to pave his parking lots and that would be the end of it.

Kyllingstad agrees that the space between his property and Main Street looks unfinished; he continues to suggest that ADOT should pave the barren strip. He said that he had hoped to coordinate efforts with them and the town when paving his lots, but again there were problems.

He says all the negative publicity plus ADOT's work in front of his restaurant throughout the Main Street Beautification project has hurt his business. He intimated that he continues to keep copious notes of the difficulties he maintains that he has had with officials.

"They should go find someone else to pick on," he suggested Friday.

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