Sun, Jan. 26

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God is always the ultimate co-pilot


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the wonderful people who helped make our landing on June 26 as safe as it possibly could have been. There are many people who stepped up and helped so we will not mention names as it will be too numerous.

We would like to start by thanking all the good people who live in the vicinity of the Rimrock area runway. We thank the people who saw the wheel fall from the plane and took it upon themselves to find a way to contact us and doing so in such a timely manner.

We thank our Rimrock Aviation family who diligently found a way to make contact with us. And after we flew back over Rimrock we appreciate the support they offered in confirming our wheel was missing and offered up suggestions of what we could do to make a safe landing.

We are also grateful to all the Rimrock residents who made the trip to Cottonwood to see if we were all OK. Thanks to the wonderful people who went out of their way to bring our wheel back to the Cottonwood Airport from Rimrock and then give us a ride back home to Rimrock.

A thank you also to the pilot of the tourist plane flying in the area that morning that relayed the radio message from Rimrock to us.

A thank you for our Cottonwood Aviation family and the support you offered as we landed. Thank you for all the offers of help and ideas to get the plane off the runway.

Much appreciation goes to the fine men and women that protect us each day. We cannot put into words the feeling of support we felt as we flew over the Cottonwood Airport and saw the army of emergency vehicles anticipating our arrival. The way we were treated after we landed was awesome. Thank you for your support. There should be a national holiday in honor of our everyday heroes.

We thank all the people who have offered up congratulations to us in these days that have followed the landing. And all the people who offered up prayers for us during those last few moments.

Most importantly we want to thank God for His presence and the peace that we all felt as we came in for landing knowing God was in control.

Donald, Cherie, Alexia, Dakota and Auli Hanks


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