Wed, April 08

Out of Africa receives clean bill of health

Inspectors from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) visited Fountain Hills location and examined conditions of the park.

Out of Africa was awarded 100 percent approval.

Despite the disruption and obvious strain of the situation, the report states, “the animals at Out of Africa are still in their respective habitats and look to be comfortable and content.” All animals are under the supervision and medical care of Dr. Irvin Ingram, DVM, a specialist in the practice of Exotic Medicine and Surgery for 32 years.

Temporary housing for staff has been brought onto the site and close to the enclosures so the animals will have the advantage of full time supervision by people that they know. According to Ingram, this is a critical step towards adapting them to their new surroundings.

“All other factors aside, if we are to consider solely the long-term best interest of the animals, it is essential that Out of Africa be allowed to move the animals in an orderly manner to their new location in Camp Verde. While they will temporarily be in smaller enclosures than they are accustomed to, they will have the advantage of skilled and trusted guardians to help them through the trauma of the relocation.”

The first of the animals at Out of Africa Wildlife Park have been safely transported and are settling into their new temporary enclosures at the new Camp Verde site. The first big cats were sedated and transported earlier this week. Since then, six lions, a cougar, a leopard, two tigers, two hyenas and three wolves have made the two-hour trek in USDA certified transport containers held within temperature-controlled trucks.

While the animals are sedated, they are given full medical examinations including blood tests and dental evaluations and monitored by experienced handlers.

Handler Chaz Moxley states, “When the animals get here, they’re confused and disoriented. Everything is unfamiliar. They look to us for security and comfort. We’re the only familiar piece of their lives, the only thing that they recognize, and they constantly watch to make sure we’re nearby.”

There is little left of the former Out of Africa Wildlife Park in Fountain Hills. Habitats are being disassembled, buildings removed or torn down. Volunteers and community help continue to pour in as owners as staff strives to meet the June 30 move deadline.

More help is needed. To volunteer in the Camp Verde location contact coordinator Doug, Volunteer at (928) 634-0078 or 300-0802 or email

Contributions can be sent to: Out of Africa Wildlife Park Relocation Fund, Bank One, 16744 E. Ave. of the Fountains, Fountain Hills AZ 85268, Acc# 656096203, or visit

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