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Support refuge for homeless, abandoned animals


Are Verde Valley pet lovers acquainted with Morning Starr Animal Sanctuary? Let me introduce them. Morning Starr is a no-kill, non-profit 501(c)(3) animal sanctuary based in Cornville. All of its animals — cats, dogs, rabbits, ferrets, horses, goats, etc. — are housed in Verde Valley foster homes. Most of these animals can be seen on the sanctuary's Web site:

No-kill sanctuaries are held in high esteem not only because they euthanize only if an animal is in great pain or can't be saved, but also because when accepting animals, no-kill sanctuaries take immediate action to prevent the spread of disease. Kittens and cats are tested for leukemia and are given inoculations before coming in contact with other sanctuary animals. Dogs are given inoculations. All animals are spayed or neutered before adoption.

Last year, Morning Starr Animal Sanctuary placed 80 animals in permanent homes. The number of animals the sanctuary can help is limited by its income and the number of foster homes available.

Morning Starr has no paid employees; everyone associated with the sanctuary, including the founder — CEO, is a volunteer.


Veterinary care, including spaying/neutering, will have been completed by Morning Starr before adoptions are transacted. The adopter will not have to personally see to these matters, however the sanctuary charges fees that will reimburse it for these costs.

Adoption fees are $70 for male cats, $80 for females cats, $75 for male puppies, $100 for female puppies, $50 for rabbits and $100 for healthy young ferrets. Adoption fees may very depending on the age and health of an animal.


Giving an animal a temporary home until a permanent home is found is very rewarding. It blesses the animals, the fosterer, and the community. Fostering offers many benefits:

1. For those seeking a special pet to adopt, fostering gives them an opportunity to meet and interact with numerous pets until they find the pet they are looking for.

2. For those who would like to have a pet but feel they cant afford one, fostering provides a pet with all of its expenses — food, vet bill, etc. — covered.

3. For those grieving over the loss of a pet or human, fostering is an extraordinary healer of grief.

4. For those seeking a way to help homeless, abandoned animals, fostering is a very rewarding way of accomplishing that objective.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a fosterer? Here are some fosterers' experiences.

A fosterer was asked to foster a chow, to which the fosterer agreed, however, before the dog was delivered, it found a home. A Montana family, which had recently lost one of its two chows, learned about the availability of the "fostered" chow on Morning Starr's Web site.

Arrangements were made for a volunteer to meet the Montana family in Albuquerque and deliver the chow. All went as planned and the dog went to a loving, permanent home in Montana.

A fosterer cared for a cat for a month while the cat's owner found an apartment that would permit pets.

A box containing two kittens was found at the edge of a highway. The gentleman-finder delivered the kittens to someone he referred to as a Rescue Ranger: a fosterer. Because a friend of the fosterer was grieving over the loss of a beloved kitten, the fosterer asked her if she would foster one of the rescued kittens. The friend agreed, fostered one of the kittens, overcame her grief, and within two weeks adopted the kitten and made him a loved, permanent member of her family.

A fostered pet adds a lot of love to your home. It also brings the lesson of not only loving, but of learning to let go.


Volunteers are needed to foster animals, to help with fund-raising activities, and to assist where needed. If you are interested in volunteering, contact the sanctuary by phone or through its web site.


Morning Starr has ongoing expenses for spaying/neutering, inoculations, feed, cages, and veterinary care. The sanctuary's only sources of income are donations, adoption fees, fund raisers, and grants.


Monetary donations, large or small, are always needed. Perhaps you would like to sponsor an animal and provide for its needs throughout the year. Sponsors receive a picture and biography of their sponsored animals and ongoing updates.

Donations of cat litter, dog/cat beds, dog houses, alfalfa hay and straw are needed.

Current Fund Raiser

Sanctuary volunteers are busy preparing for a combination garage sale and off-site adoptions. Needed are gently used saleable items. For more information or to make a donation, please contact the sanctuary.

Enrich Your Life

Become an adopted, a fosterer, a donor, a volunteer. Support the refuge for homeless, abandoned animals.

Morning Starr (NO-Kill) Animal Sanctuary

P.O. Box 1363, Cornville, AZ 86325

phone: 821-2420 or 567-6569


Arden Druce

Camp Verde

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