Sun, Aug. 18

The McDermott Trio

Courtesy photo

THE TRIO will play music from Haydn, Shubert and Shostakovich in its May 16 date.

“My sisters and I make one whole person. Our mother died when we were 14, 15 and 16 years old, and the bond that developed between us has made a strong foundation for us all. Vacationing together is a sheer blast. We go to a cabin in the Adirondacks every September, and we take a cruise south for two weeks every Christmas. We play three half-hour concerts in two weeks and it’s heaven on earth."

For many who have enjoyed meeting and seeing Anne-Marie perform, and marveled at the energy and technical excellence in her performances during the past visits to Sedona, there is a special anticipation of the shared family and musical relationship.

Harclerode added, “Anne Marie gives us some insight into who she is as a person and as a performer - along with the choices she makes regarding literature and how she performs."

“It can be so disappointing if you love somebody as a performer, but when you meet them they're not at all what you expected," she said. "One of my personal goals is to be as sincere a performer as I can, so who I am as a performer is similar to who I am as a person.

“My greatest desire is to be observant, aware and focused at the piano. On concert days I’m practically religious about my nap, when I take a shower and when I dress -- and yet I’m never in the same state of mind; sometimes it’s great and sometimes it’s not. I’m trying to figure out how to become single-minded. Eastern philosophy has been very important to me. Zen is so calming and soothing; I might have flipped out long ago if I didn't do something to slow down.

"I thrive on being totally alone. I adore staying in hotels, being by myself, not going near a telephone and just having total peace and quiet. I’m a very melancholy person; I can still cry about my mother’s death the way I did the day she died. Every year that goes by I’m more in love with what I’m doing and it makes me sad that I’m not going to get to every piece of music that I’ll ever love. That’s why I say yes to so many engagements. I love being a lunatic, so why not.”

Reserved tickets are $26 and may be purchased by calling Chamber Music Sedona. General admission tickets are $19 and too may be purchased by calling the office. General admission tickets are available at outlets in Sedona at Bashas’, The Worm Book & Music Store, and in the Village of Oak Creek at Rycus’ Corners. Tickets may also be purchased in Flagstaff at Arizona Music Pro and Cedar Music, and in Cottonwood at Planet Video & Music.

The concert is sponsored by an anonymous donor, and by Robert Carabell and Susan Amon. Additional support is provided by The Hilton Sedona Resort.

Chamber Music Sedona is a not-for-profit, membership organization whose mission it is to present the finest chamber music concerts from Bach to Bluegrass. Each season concert is preceded by an informal “Concert Conversation,” joining Harclerode will be pianist Anne-Marie. For membership or 2004-05 season information contact Chamber Music Sedona at (928) 204-2415 or visit