Tue, Jan. 28

When silence is golden your life is enhanced

Are you dealing with constant noise that you find offensive to your sense, disturbing to your slumber, peace and quiet, and that interferes with and annoys the comfortable enjoyment of your life and property?

This problem may be accentuated at this time of year when your windows and doors are open to take advantage of the wonderful Cottonwood climate.

We, the members of Main & Mingus Block Watch, are asking for information from the citizens of Cottonwood. We are asking you to contact us by letter, and tell us if you have any problems in your neighborhood with noise, as we do. There is no need for you to give your address or name if you wish to remain anonymous. Just generally explain what area of town you are in and what type of noise you are dealing with.

City Noise Ordinance 9.12.010 defines Offensive Noise as any sound emitted across a property line or that projects more than 50 feet from its source within any residential, multi-residential, office, or commercial complex which is of sufficient volume and duration that it would cause discomfort or annoyance to a reasonable person of normal sensitivity.

We are compiling this information to show the importance of this Cottonwood city ordinance.

Thank you for taking the time to contact us about this ongoing problem. Your participation will benefit our entire community. The address you will use — Main & Mingus Neighborhood Association, 1227 E. Cochise St., Cottonwood AZ 86326.

Donna F. Castillo is a member of the Main & Mingus Neighborhood Association in Cottonwood.

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