Sun, Dec. 15

Town going after Kyllingstad property

Staff photo by Carol Keefer

THE property in front of Verde Café is still unimproved.

Included in the monetary agreement are certain conditions that will be necessary to complete the Main Street Project in the next 15 months.

Among the seven conditions listed in ADOT District Engineer Tom Foster's Oct. 27 letter to the town, the Town of Camp Verde will complete acquisition of the necessary right of way and call for bids, award a contract and administer the project for completion of all improvements in front of the Kyllingstad parcels according to ADOT's current approved plans and in accordance with federal funds.

The town will submit proof of completed construction to ADOT for reimbursement in the amount not to exceed $54,000.

Initially, ADOT offered $7,000 for what Town Manager Bill Lee estimated to be an $80,000 project and a two-year timeframe. The $54,000 price is a compromise because the town plans to make up the difference by using town staff to do some of the work. By accepting ADOT's dollars and conditions, it is now apparent the town is about to go after Steve Kyllingstad's property.

The Kyllingstad land in front of the Verde Café and the building next to it are the only Main Street properties that remain unimproved following the Main Street renovation project. The town and Steve Kyllingstad could never reach agreement on a price or the type of conveyance necessary to put in Main Street improvements that includes a sidewalk, lights, and landscaping.

This week, Lee commented: "The town has accepted dollars from ADOT to complete the project in front of the Verde Café and the building next door as originally designed. We met with Mr. Kyllingstad prior to this meeting to advise him that the council would be discussing this. The council authorized staff to go out and procure an appraisal company to get an appraisal to make another offer to Mr. Kyllingstad in order to complete the project."

Although the word condemnation has not yet surfaced, it appears the next logical step if negotiations break down.

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