Sat, Dec. 07

Verde Lakes dilemma continues

Staff photo by Carol Keefer

The dispute over water rights between Shield Ranch and Park Central Properties is set for trial Jan. 11.

The VLRC consists of about 50 members that maintains the two ponds, commonly known as Verde Lakes located in Camp Verde.

Duke said that Shield Ranch and Park Central Properties over water rights could not reach a settlement and their trial is set for Jan. 11. A counter suit by both Shield and Park Central names VLRC, among others, regarding VLRC's longtime use of water from the Wingfield Ditch.

"According to Shield Ranch and Park Central Properties, the corporation (VLRC) failed to respond in a timely manner, and a default application was made. The default was entered by the court and Verde Lakes Recreation has filed to set aside that default," Duke said. "According to Shield Ranch and Park Central Properties, the former board failed to respond."

A new board including Duke, a semi-retired attorney from Michigan who now lives here, was elected in late summer. Since then, he said, members have rallied with fundraiser events in order to raise money to protect the lakes.

"We're looking for benefactors to help support the cause," Duke added.

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