Tue, June 25

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An angel with a cellphone


My thanks to Elizabeth, who dialed 911 on her cell phone for me Oct. 6 just after 3 p.m.

Crossing Cherry Street at Main, the wheel on my walker hit a bump, and down I went with it. The paramedics I asked for came to my rescue.

I learned three things. Don’t walk except in the shopping centers, always hope there is an Elizabeth when you need her and Cottonwood is OK, if they need homeland security.

Norma A. Baker


Here's the real story on Rick Renzi


On behalf of the League of Women Voters (LWV) of Sedona-Verde Valley, this letter is in response to the front-page feature “Renzi Fights Back” (Verde Independent, Oct. 24.

Mr. Renzi was mistaken when he said that “They [the League of Women Voters] allowed my Democratic opponents to take a photo of my empty seat while I was in session and it reveals their lack of neutrality," in reference to the Saturday, Oct. 2, Verde Valley-Sedona League of Women Voters’ forum in Camp Verde.

There were approximately 70 people in attendance at the Camp Verde forum who know that is not true. Mr. Renzi’s campaign manager also attended the forum; and he knows that there was no empty seat to photograph; and that Representative Renzi’s written statement was accurately presented. The forum was conducted according to LWV guidelines, which are based on Federal Elections Commission rules.

I am most concerned about Mr. Renzi’s inference that we “lack neutrality." We take pride in our voter service activities and conducting election forums in a fair and nonpartisan manner. We have an outstanding reputation throughout the Verde Valley for the many forums we have moderated for local, state and national elections. Our basic goals are to encourage active participation in government, provide voter education opportunities, and get out the vote.

For the record, I want to clarify facts related to planning of the Camp Verde Congressional forum. In June, the LWV of Sedona-Verde Valley extended written invitations to all three candidates for U.S. Congressional District 1 to participate in a non-partisan forum at Camp Verde on either Sept. 25 or Oct. 2.

The alternative dates were purposely chosen because they were on weekends and timely for early voting. Based on candidate responses, the Oct. 2 date was chosen, and all candidates were informed in July.

Later, the campaign manager told me that Representative Renzi’s participation in the forum depended on the timing of Congressional votes the week of the forum. Since the forum was set for a weekend, he left open the possibility that Renzi might attend. On Sept. 15, another letter was sent to the campaign office to reaffirm the invitation and date, and to request a written statement to be read by the forum moderator in the event Renzi could not attend in person.

On Tuesday, Sept. 28, I learned from a Flagstaff media report that Renzi would actually be attending an evening event at Northern Arizona University on Oct. 2. In response to my question the next day, Renzi’s campaign manager acknowledged that the Congressman would not attend our forum and that he would send a statement for the moderator to read. On Oct. 1, I received the statement, which began “I apologize for not being able to attend this forum; however, unfortunately I had a previous commitment.”

Judy Miller

Chair, Voter Service Committee

League of Women Voters of Sedona-Verde Valley