Sun, Dec. 08

When the race is finished, take your signs down

Such signage obviously is in full bloom in the Verde Valley right now.

And in addition to selecting winners outright and narrowing the field for the November general election, Tuesday's Yavapai County primary also should serve as a cease-and-desist order for many political aspirants.

The order goes out to all those candidates whose fell short in Tuesday's primary: Take your signs down.

Too often in the aftermath of both primary and general elections, those political aspirants who come up short at the ballot box seem to be in no hurry to get their signs down. It's not unusual to see some of them remain up well past the general election in November.

In addition to cluttering up the landscape, keeping such signs in place only confuses the issue for voters when the general election rolls around. It's a disrespectful way to treat the same public a candidate vowed to serve before the voters said "no thanks."

Likewise, those candidates who gained voter favor Tuesday but will have no competition in the general election can do us all a favor and take their signs down as well. If you've already won in the primary and face no candidates in the general, keeping you signs up really serves no purpose. They still clutter the landscape. They still confuse some voters into believing the outcome of a particular race is still at stake.

Signage is a necessary component of a well-rounded political campaign. The public can rationalize these "political weeds" during the course of a hotly contested campaign.

But give us a break when such contested races cease to be.

Take your signs down.


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