Sat, July 20

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We cut water use for them to waste water


Let me get this straight. Phoenix has joined SRP in the suit against landowners in the Verde Valley who are using Verde River water to irrigate their small acreage properties.

Folks in Phoenix are afraid that we here in the Verde Valley won’t leave enough water in the river for the use of those in Phoenix.

And just what do they do with water in Phoenix? Fill swimming pools. Water golf courses. Fill Tempe Town Lake. Keep Fountain Hills going. Build lakes around housing developments. And most recently sprayed a huge arc of water into the air over the plane carrying a group of firefighters as they departed from Luke.

The Verde Valley is supposed to cut water for this? I don’t think so.

Mary Ann Gove


Is this what the leftist liberals call democracy?


During his 27 years in Congress, when did John Kerry sponsor or co-sponsor a bill to give all the uninsured healthcare coverage or a bill to give seniors financial relief?

Kerry says he will help corporations to be able to cover employees with health care. Why do corporations need financial help? People do, not corporations.

We elect congressmen to represent us in addressing our wants and needs through legislation. They write bills to create laws for us. After refinement and passing both the House and Senate floors, bills get presented to the president for signing or veto. We elect a president as executive to approve, veto, make major decisions and represent us in world affairs.

Kerry and Edwards are contributors to escalating medical expenses because neither did anything about sponsoring bills to curb or limit the prices pharmaceutical corporations can charge for their drugs. Americans have been saddled for years of burdening medical costs.

Now, President Bush is blamed for the escalating healthcare costs. Edwards is the one who became a millionaire in a few short years as litigator. Lawsuits are responsible for exorbitant insurance costs, which are passed down to the cost of patient care.

Every other country has places limits on the amount companies can charge for their drugs and it’s about time Congress came up with legislation to so the same for all Americans. In the meantime, Gov. Napolitano should get Arizonans access to acquire drugs from Canada, if she so desires, following the lead of other governors.

Why is the unemployment rate down only 5 percent and the economy is slowing? During the last administration it was down to 5 percent and the economy was booming. Is the difference of 5 percent and 5 percent the same as "it all depends on what the meaning of is, is?"

Now a record number of people have jobs and the help wanted ads are jammed. It is a worker’s dream — the person looking for work is in the driver’s seat. Most vacation resorts are enjoying a record high occupancy rate. America is flourishing but Kerry keeps repeating "gloom and doom."

The World Trade Center bombed embassy devastated, U.S.S. Cole attacked, etc.; Americans die and die and die. Nobody cares. Six months and twenty days after taking office, President Bush is faced with 9/11 attack and people die. Somebody cares. President Bush did what no else cared to do, to protect America and our lives.

Why is President Bush to blame for 9/11? Did Osama binLaden and his terrorists rise up in six short months? Or did they think America, once again, would do nothing, as it has in the past; just hang loose like a ripe plum, ready for the picking?

How dare the Democrats and Kerry ask President Bush to denounce and silence the Vietnam boat vets? Why do they not have the right to free speech? These same Democrats cheered Michael Moore for his distorted version of facts on stage but the brave veterans are to be squelched from telling the truth they witnessed.

Is this what the leftist liberals call democracy? Do they plan to continue to "trash" dissenters like they did in China?

During the summer of 1999, the administration came out with new promotions of the national debt. The GAO re-calculated numbers and re-assigned the categories to show altered results. Unless you understood what was meant by ‘off budget" it was unclear how the figures deviated from the facts.

In regards to the surplus President Bush inherited, it’s not real dollars, it’s "funny money." "Funny money" was money with "off budget figures." Not exactly clearly understood.

Example: let’s say, your annual income is $30,000 and you spend $6,000 for food, you surplus is $24,000. "Funny money."

Your ‘off budget figures" are your mortgage/rent payment, utilities, clothing, insurance, taxes, credit cards, etc, etc. $24,000 less total expenses could be = $750.

Now your mortgage plus loans could be, let's say $275,750 less the $750 leaves your real deficit of $275,000. Real money. Quite different from "funny money," isn’t it?

Today, the GAO uses real money numbers so, yes, the debt is larger than when President Bush took office because of 9/11 and Iraq but it is a misstatement to refer to the "funny money" as real numbers. Our national on-going debt has not been reduced during recent years. Every administration since WWII has historically finished the term of office with the national debt larger than it was when they took office.

Some of the increased present spending was provided for by the signature of the previous president, scheduled to go into affect and become part of the increase in expenditures of the Bush administration totals.

Kathy Adams