Tue, Jan. 21

Detwiler set sights on District 1 House seat

The 2006 election season is officially under way for one Republican legislative candidate.

Bryan Detwiler has formally announced his intention to run for the State House of Representatives in District 1. This district includes a large part of Yavapai County and also the southwestern portion of Coconino County.

For the past eight years, Detwiler has been employed as the executive director of the Old Town Mission, a position he plans to continue when elected. The Mission is an outreach organization, which includes the Mission Health Center, and several programs throughout Yavapai County that serve children, families and individuals in financial hardship.

Detwiler has been married for 15 years to his wife Beth and they have two children, Hannah and Noah.

Detwiler describes himself as a "common-sense conservative" who believes in the principles of limited government, low taxes, economic freedom, personal responsibility, and strong family values.

"A major influence which inspired me to run for office has been my grandfather. He was the mayor of a small town in Missouri and I grew up with his example of integrity and effectiveness in public service. I learned early in life that a person can make a difference if they are willing to work hard and serve the common good. In my role as executive director of the Old Town Mission and Mission Health Center, I have served individuals and families; and with my participation on a local School Board, a State Workforce Development Council and a County Water Committee, I have done my best to serve the community.

"But I am convinced that much more needs to be done. When elected, I will focus on three key areas vital to the health of our state."

They areas include:

" Economic Development: We must be proactive in business recruitment, workforce development, assistance in capitol formation, job creation and reforming our over-complicated tax codes. Only by making economic development a priority can we grow a healthy and diverse economy that will provide opportunities for all Arizonans to prosper.

" Education: We must reform our education system by identifying and investing in what works; while also, being prepared to have the political will to change what doesn't work. Arizona public schools rank poorly in the nation on many key indicators. We must do all we can to remedy this for the sake of our children's future. This is especially troubling when one considers that the quality of our educational system is a number one factor in attracting higher wage jobs to our state.

" Advocacy: Because of the influence and population of Maricopa County, it is imperative that rural Arizona have strong leadership at the Legislature.

"Only by sending a leader that is not afraid to stand up against the special interests and 'Maricopa-Centric' thinking can we bring attention to, and action for, the issues that really matter to the people of District 1," he said.

The primary election for the House of Representatives will be on Sept. 12, 2006.

For more information or to contact Bryan Detwiler, call 928-301-2022 or e-mail

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