Mon, Oct. 14

Verde Valley Humane Society offers special adoption fees

The monsoon season has brought not only rain to the Valley, but also a multitude of kittens, cats, puppies and dogs. We are overpopulated and have a special going on at the Verde Valley Humane Society. Any pet of your choice is $25. The VVHS and Wal-Mart will pick up the rest of the adoption fee. Our animals deserve kind, loving homes and we want to make sure that the fee will fit into everyone's budget.

Before you take advantage of the special adoption rates at the Humane Society, here are some critical questions to consider before making your choice. Take the time to read them and honestly talk about them with your family. Have a family discussion.

First and most important, adopt for life. Don't get caught up in the adorable puppy or kitten and then later when the honeymoon is over, decide that you don't want the animal after all. If you are not willing to housebreak and train the animal, and tolerate their "baby stage," then consider an older animal. The older animal has already gone through the terrible twos and is most likely ready to just be cuddled and adored for the rest of its life.

Consider the type of pet you adopt. Would you like the beauty of a longhaired pet? Ask yourself if you will have time (or are willing to) groom the long hair daily for as long as the animal lives. Even shorthaired animals require grooming one or two times a week. Remember also that some longhaired animals require routine professional grooming. How far are you willing to go with the grooming?

Consider the size of the adult animal. Puppies and kittens are all small but some puppies can grow up to be larger than your child. Do you have a fenced area for the large dog to exercise? Do you have room for a cat or kitten and their necessities? Cats must be kept inside for their own safety; going outside is not an option when adopting from the Humane Society.

Is the pet healthy? When we put the animals up for adoption, they have shown no visible signs of illness. Since we do not have a vet on staff, the Verde Valley Humane Society gives a free five-day vet visit with each adoption. This gives your new family member a chance to be seen by a vet at no additional cost to you. We want to make sure the animals are healthy and the new family is happy with their choice.

Male or female? It depends on your personal preference. Everyone has a different idea as to which animal makes the best pet, male or female. Remember, all animals that are old enough will be spayed or neutered before going into their new homes.

Have you shopped for your new animal? You will need: ID tags, collar, leash and harness, food and water bowls, food and treats, toys, grooming tools, pet bed, a carrier for a cat or a crate for a dog, a litter box and litter for a cat. If you have these items already set up in the home, the transition will be easier for both you and the animal. You don't have to spend a small fortune to obtain these items just as long as the necessary items meet the needs of the animal.

Also, if someone gives you pet items or you purchase them from a thrift store, be certain these items are washed and disinfected before giving them to a new pet. Diseases can unknowingly be transferred from one animal to another.

Have you set up the adoption on a Friday or perhaps the beginning of several days off from work? You need to devote several days exclusively to the new animal in order to set boundaries and form bonds. It is cruel to bring a new and possibly frightened pet home and then desert it for several hours. Think about what will work best for you and your new pet.

Have you pet-proofed your home? Are electrical cords hidden and out of the way of a curious kitty or puppy? Are all chemicals and poisons locked in cabinets? Are the window screens secure so the animal can't get outside? If a product is labeled "keep out of reach of children," then that should include pets also.

If all this overwhelms you, relax. Enjoy your animal and the return will be immeasurable. Thank you for looking at shelter animals! Many wonderful animals come through our doors on a daily basis. If you don't see anyone that you want today, come back in a few days! I'm sure that someone will be waiting for you.

Pet of the Week

Don't forget to check out our Pet of the Week: A gorgeous Siamese mix female cat, whose name is Serena. She has been at VVHS since April 11.Serena recently gave birth to five beautiful babies who have all been adopted and she still waits for the "perfect person" to come in and find her.

She spent her nursing days in a foster home, and her guardians there told us that she is a real sweetheart She is so loving and wants so desperately to be a lap kitty. Won't you stop by and meet her? Serena's adoption fee is only $15 during the special.

After you leave the Humane Society, please drop into our thrift store, the Good Buy Shoppe, located at the corner of 89A and 6th Street in the Clemenceau Plaza. You will find many gently used items on sale each day of the week. As an added special, we are now offering all summer clothes at the reduced price of $1 an item. Stop in today! Volunteer, shop, donate your gently used items or just come in and look around. We look forward to seeing you there. New items daily.

Until next time, love your animals as they love you: Unconditionally!

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