Wed, Nov. 13

Sedona mayor steps down
Legal quirk: Colquitt quits to run in mayoral race

Sedona's Mayor has been forced to resign to run for the seat she now holds.

Pud Colquitt submitted her resignation Wednesday at 5 p.m. in order to seek the same position in Sedona's first directly elected mayoral ballot.

Assistant City Clerk Kathy Dean admits it is a confusing quirk of state law that requires a candidate who holds an existing elected position to resign in order to run for another elected position.

In the Sedona case, Colquitt had been elected as a council member and then elected by her council peers as the City's mayor. Her term as council member runs until June 2008.

She had to give up the council seat in order to seek the mayor's post, elected by citizens in the spring.

An appointment will be made to fill Colquitt's vacant council seat.

Vice Mayor Susan Solomon was appointed by the council to replace Colquitt as mayor. Earnie Strauch was named vice mayor.

Colquitt will face former council member Steve Nahmensen in the City's first ever-mayoral race.

Ramon Gomez, Cliff Hamilton, Stephen DeVol, and Nancy Scagnelli will vie for two available council seats.

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